Hiring trades staff – guide to recruiting for your tradie business


Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring Tradies

Being busy is good until you become so busy that you can barely take time out for yourself, and vacations sound like a dream to you. This situation is never healthy for your physical and mental health. 

Being efficient in work is good, but doing everything yourself is not a good idea because you will be a jack of all trades and master of none at the end of the day. To solve this problem, there is an itsy-bitsy task that can make your life a lot easier: hire a new employee. 

If you really are into making your business great, then for that, you need an even more excellent team. Fasten your seat belts because we are telling you everything you need to know before you hire an employee, to be double sure. 

How to Find a Skilled Tradesperson? 

Finding a skilled and wise employee is significant because all candidates seem right until you finally find the right one. You can find professional people in your field through different websites, but other resources can help you. 

So, let’s find out! 

  1. Existing Employee It is always a good idea to give some more responsibilities to your existing employee because they can always uplift their skills by courses. If you see the potential in any of your employees, give them the position, and you won’t have to go through hell in office anymore. 

Also, it can help with uplifting the morale of your business. Your employees will realize that they are not just stuck at a place, but instead, they can always earn a new and better position through polishing their skills.

1. Get On Net 

Going online to find an employee is always a good idea because it can save you quite a lot of time. You can go to some high-ranking websites and find just the right person that can do the job in the right way. 

The websites as LinkedIn, community boards, and Facebook are some of the best ones out there, and you can advertise the ad of vacancy, which will also cost less. 

2. Newspapers 

When in doubt, go with newspapers. You can post your job advertisement in local newspapers, and people who are looking for jobs will come running towards you. By posting a job in a local newspaper, you can efficiently find people living in your vicinity. 

Newspapers are also a clever option to find an employee because if they don’t read, you might as well do the job by yourself. Jokes apart, newspapers are a pocket-friendly solution as well. Not to forget, when expanding your business like hiring new employees, it is also good to get some security which Tradies Insurance can give you. 

3. Ask It Out 

If you are a social butterfly, you don’t even have to post an ad because you might find a potential candidate just by asking around. You can ask your team, business partners, and even people you professionally know for recommendations. 

Short List the Candidates 

Once you get multiple job applications, thanks to the above-given steps, it’s time to short-list our candidates and finalize the employee of your dreams. And after that, you can pay some attention to your family as well and maybe binge watch some TV show?

But, make sure you always pick the right person for the job because professional experience and communication skills go hand in hand. Let us guide you and walk you through all the things you need to see in an employee. 

1. Why They Do What They Do? 

This question often confuses many candidates because they don’t know why they are going for this job or why they are in this particular field. You need to finalize a candidate who loves his profession and who takes pride in everything he does. 

Money-makers are always a no-go area because they are not passionate about their working field but are just there for the money they are making, which is not healthy behaviour. 

2. Are They Good Enough For The Position? 

Not everyone is good at everything. Even if a candidate has years of experience, you need to examine whether they will be suitable for this particular position. Even tradies who have a lot of experience sometimes do not perform well. 

So, we don’t have time for trial and error, and that is why you need to decide who is good enough for the position on the spot. Whether the candidate has earlier experience or not- if he is skilled, he is in the game. 

3. Ask Questions

They were asking creative questions always helps when hiring tradies. It helps you read their minds, and your sudden questions make them vulnerable, so they have to show who they truly are instead of pretending. 

The ideal questions can be: 

  • Why should I hire you? 
  • Why did you leave your former job? 
  • What are your long-term goals? 
  • How will you be beneficial for our company? 

These and many more questions will let you know whether they actually are reliable for this position or not. When talking about reliability, you can always count on Tradesman Insurance, so you no longer have to worry about any risks in your trade business. 

In-House Training 

Suppose you are a picky person and are unable to finalize any candidate, no need to worry because you always have the option of training your current apprentices. If you train the senior and already skilled people in your team, they will most certainly become good enough to fill the position. 

It is also possible that your apprentices leave once you train them for better jobs, but it is always worth a shot. Also, if you organize in-house training, your apprentices will get more exposure and be more attached to their job. 

When the training is done, people who do in-house training are less likely to leave their jobs, so you are on the safe side with this training just like you are on the safe side with tradies insurance in your business. 

Wishing you a pleased hiring day! 

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