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This material will present you with an infallible betting method to obtain the best results. No matter what your favorite sport is, with us, your hunch is always worth much more.

Take a look at everything you need to know before betting on football on this site

Surebet Calculator: What is it, and how is it used?

There are several methods that players around the world consider foolproof. Here we will list some of the most famous for you to be successful with your bets. In this case, we will present you with some ideas, and it will be up to you to discover for yourself which infallible betting method is best for you.

Kelly method

Kelly’s method emerged in the United States in the 1950s. John Larry Kelly Jr. was a physicist and mathematician who found the formula. This strategy was created to develop a better technique to manage a money bank, thus facilitating the choice of the amounts of the bets and their probabilities.

The Kelly method does nothing more than allowing individualized betting analysis. Let’s explain it! The Kelly System, also known as the Kelly Criterion, determines that a bet should only be made if there is an advantage, always considering that the chances of winning are more significant than the losses and the chances of losing.

Kelly’s method helps you calculate the ideal amount to bet, with the ultimate goal of increasing your betting bankroll.

With this criterion, you decrease the risk and increase the advantage.


Speaking now of the Fibonacci strategy, created by the Italian Leonardo Fibonacci, the great mathematician of the Middle Ages, it is today one of the most used methods to win in casinos, card games, and, mainly, in the sports market.

Since we are talking about sports betting, try using the Fibonacci rule in sports betting.

The main objective is that you bet on a tie and, even if you lose the bet made, you will bet on another tie in another match.

Check what the offered odds are and bet on odds higher than 2,618

And as you lose a bet, the value of the next bet increases. But how much more should I bet? You start with 1 + 1, which gives a total of 2. Then you add the last two numbers, 1 + 2 = 3. Following Fibonacci logic, you would have to bet 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 + 21 + 55 and so on, always adding the last two numbers to know the value of your next bet.

With bonus

Gambling with a bonus can also be considered a strategy in bookmakers. It is a way to win more with your hunch and, most of the time, use the bookmaker’s bonus.

This increases your chances of winning, and you can bet with a bonus on your favorite sports and championships. It can be in the Champions League, Libertadores for football lovers, NBA for basketball lovers, rugby championships, and much more.                                              


The Martingale system is considered one of the best ways to win at sports betting houses. And best of all, it is straightforward to apply this strategy in your bets. The Martingale appeared in the 18th century in France, but it was in Monte Carlo that a genius made history with this strategy. At a very famous casino in the region, Wells won millions after breaking the bank and bringing the casino out of business.

This story has become a reference in casinos, but the strategy is also widely used today in sports betting.

The Martingale method is nothing more than a technique that consists of starting to bet smaller amounts and, in case of losing, you double the amount bet until you win a bet.

In other words, this method allows the player to “get back” the amount wagered because when he wins, the value of the prize compensates for the amount spent on the previous bets.

That is why for many, this is the foolproof betting method.

Surebet, the best method to bet

Another method widely used as a strategy when betting is Surebet. But like the other strategies mentioned above, this method is not miraculous. You must use it carefully and know the right time to apply it.

How to bet with this method

For each bet, there are always two possible events with their respective odds. Surebet is more than anything when the two odds are high, and by betting on both events, you will profit, whatever the outcome of the dispute.

Sports analysis

When entering the sports section, it is not always possible to identify a Surebet. With that in mind, a very simple mathematical calculation was created, but it will help identify a Surebet. Divide the number 1 by each of the odds and add the results if less than 1, then we have a Surebet.

Surebet Calculator: What is it, and how is it used?

Here we will show you how to identify easily and quickly.

Surebet with 2 or more events. Look at the following example of a football game:

Team A vs. Team B

Team A odds 1.7

Team B Odds 2.5

1 /1.7 = 0.59

1 / 2.5 = 0.4

0.59 + 0.4 = 0.99


Ready! You already have a Surebet football bet.

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