Fluoride In Drinking Water Explained


We cannot overemphasize the role of water in ensuring we stay healthy.  Nowadays, drinking water is not the problem. People are fast developing healthy water drinking habits. But we are now faced with drinking and using water containing harmful chemicals like fluoride. Fluoride in itself isn’t entirely ‘dangerous,’ after all; it is supposedly good for dental health. But is this true? Let’s find out together.

Fluoride’s Entry Into Drinking Water

The Cochrane report offered an essential insight into the fluoridation of water. It affirmed that the initial scientific assertions that fluoride can help dental health are not correct. The reason? These previous reports had no input on why we must trust toothpaste and mouthwash, two products with high amounts of fluoride. Instead, they only focused on fluoridated water.

Science has continued to investigate why the body doesn’t do well with large amounts of fluoride. However, all indications have pointed to the fact that we need to watch the amount of fluoride we allow into our systems.

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Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Safe?

No, it is not. Here are some adverse effects of fluoride in drinking water;

Dental Fluorosis

The teeth are most prone to fluoride-related issues, and this is why dental fluorosis is the first symptom of chronic fluorosis in the body. The teeth struggle to mineralize if the body has too much fluoride to deal with.

Dental fluorosis is more rampant among children consuming high amounts of fluoride. The first indications include an opaque plaque, a black or yellowish-brown tooth surface with a dull, rough texture. Some children may also lose their enamel.

Skeletal Fluorosis

When dental fluorosis is aggravated, it becomes skeletal fluorosis. The early symptoms include defects in joints and bones, pains, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. The combination of blood calcium and phosphorus with excess fluoride in the system produces calcium fluoride. The insoluble nature of calcium fluoride increases the density of bones, leading to sclerosis, while blood calcium depletion leads to hyperparathyroidism.

Issues with the nervous system

The nervous system may fail to function normally if fluoride accumulates in the brain tissue. It impairs the brain’s physiological processes, triggering memory losses, weakness, insomnia, fatigue, and other symptoms.

How can you remove fluoride at home?

Here are some fluoride-removal systems you can adopt at home;

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

The reverse pressure filtration mechanism in reverse osmosis filters makes them very effective in reducing contaminants in water. For example, you can filter off 99% of fluoride in your water with these filters. They are also effective against arsenic, radium, heavy metals, TDS, viruses, bacteria, and rust.

Introducing the Waterdrop D6 RO Water Filter System

You get an efficient 5-in-1 composite filter setup in the Waterdrop D6 RO Water Filter System, which effectively reduces impurities like fluoride, lead, sodium, chromium, benzene, salt, nitrates, sediments, and more. With a pore size of 0.0001 μm, the DOW reverse membrane will not only filter off impurities but also reduce the TDS levels of your water. The 600 GDP flow rate, coupled with a drain ratio of 1.5:1, guarantees a consistent and fast water flow. You can continually monitor the TDS level of your water and the filter life in real-time via the digital screen. The stylish design accommodates a dedicated faucet with an anti-electrical leakage feature. Overall, you are in for an impressive user experience with this water filter system.


The easiest way to stay safe is to avoid consuming high amounts of fluoride in drinking water. While monitoring the exact fluoride amount may be challenging, you can avoid issues by choosing a suitable fluoride removal system that will filter your tap water. In addition, we expect the authorities to come up with local drinking water sanitary standards that will ensure people are not exposed to excessively fluoridated water. But till then, take matters into your hands and protect you and your family from the risks of consuming high amounts of fluoride.

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