Flowery Beauty: Flowering Shrubs To Grow In Your Garden


Are you looking for plants to make your curb attractive? Looking for plants to cheer up blank or boring spaces in your garden? Well, flowering shrubs are the ultimate best choice. These flowery beauties will make one’s garden lush and lively. They’re best to have in gardens since they attract pollinators, making plants around them grow healthy and fast.

Flowering shrubs are eye-catching and excellent to use as groundcovers or hedge plants. One can landscape their garden and fill it with lovely and easy-to-grow shrubs. The shrubs usually bloom in early spring and wither during late fall, but some make it until winter. Lots of shrubs have a distinct and pleasant smell that will surely satisfy the owners.

Spirea Shrubs

When talking about shrubs, it won’t be possible, not to mention a beautiful spirea shrub. Spiraea shrub, with its tendency to be an eye-candy, ease of growing it, the pace of its growth, and its resilience, are well-loved by both beginner and professional gardeners. Spirea shrubs have two varieties: spring bloomers and summer bloomers.

The spring-blooming spirea, with its enormous clusters of white blooms, cascades and has arched branches. On the other hand, the summer-blooming spirea has tall branches with stunning flowers flourishing that have a variety of colors like white, red, or pink. The way they grow and develop as they mature and the beautiful colors of the flowers they produce are two things one can admire on this plant.

Hydrangea Shrubs

These shrubs are utterly stunning. Hydrangea Shrubs can grow in most environments and grow in different temperatures; they’re one of the few plants to have that capability. With the proper care and attention, they may withstand partial sunlight exposure. However, if one wants them to bloom those beautiful flowers, one must make sure to plant them where they can receive direct morning sunlight for at least a few hours.

The good thing with Hydrangeas is that they are versatile when it comes to a garden setting. One can have them planted in groups, containers, and borders. Breeders of this plant breed lots of varieties which gives one limitless choice of size and color!


When Azalea blossoms, it is a sign that spring has arrived. One can try planting them in a large yard so it can have sunlight or in front yards as a low hedge to increase curb appeal. This plant blooms flowers with lively colors of purple, peach, coral, pink, and white.

Azalea shrubs are a known variation of rhododendron. They have glossy green leaves and mainly bloom in spring. They bloom on their own again after a period of dormancy. When buying them, one has to pay close attention to the label to see if it loses leaves during winter or evergreen.

They are dubbed as “The Royalty of the Garden,” which is a fitting name because, through their beautiful and catchy appearance and scent, they would make one feel as if they are roaming around a Royal Garden.


Sweetshrubs are known for different names like spicebush, Carolina allspice, or strawberry bush. They bloom with maroon-red flowers with a spicy aroma. One has to make sure not to eat or cook them, though; they are deadly. Sweetshrubs, in full sun, can produce more blossoms, but if one is situated in a hotter region, now worries since they can also survive if planted in a place where they can have partial shade during the warmest portion of the day.

Sweetshrub can be planted along streams or in damp woodlands. One should plant a sweetshrub in a well-drained but wet loamy soil. They should be placed in part shade for best results. It isn’t salt resistant.


Lilacs are also known as Syringa vulgaris. They bloom in late spring and have pleasant smells, which are their distinguishing feature. They bloom from mid to late April, and they develop branching clusters or panicles.

Lilac has hundreds of recognized variants. They come in single or double flowers with a wide range of colors such as deep purple, pink, red, lavender, blue, creamy yellow, and the good old white. It’s hard to believe, especially if one hears about Lilacs for the first time, but they grow around 6 meters high. They are commonly cultivated as a shrub, a small tree (if suckers are removed, or a hedge.


Shrubs are easy to grow and require minimal attention from their gardeners. Many people nowadays prefer to have them in dwarf types so they could easily be put in small gardens and yards so they won’t be overwhelming or demand a lot of attention.

Watering them on a regular basis during its first two seasons would be ideal for helping them adjust and get established. It is best to plant them during autumn when there’s plenty of rain and cooler temperatures.

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