Find Different Ways to Enjoy Microdosing in Canada


Microdosing in Canada is a popular activity that adults incorporate into daily activities. It is a practice of taking a small amount of psychedelic substance such as LSD, magic mushroom, or more.

Microdosing with psilocybin, the active ingredient of magic mushroom has shown some positive effects in most users. They claim to experience a good mood, better concentration, and enhanced focus.

In studies for therapeutic use, psilocybin shows promising effects on mental health issues and patients with end-of-life anxiety. Although the doses in these studies are different, they give us an overview of how psilocybin impacts the human brain.

Microdosing in Canada: A Way to Improve Mental Health

Many Canadians are keen to use a microdose of psychedelic shrooms due to the effects it provides them. Microdosing with psilocybin contains only one-tenth or twentieth of the regular dose. Hence, it doesn’t cause any hallucination at all.

Instead, it primarily provides a positive effect on the user. People who take psilocybin in small doses mention increasing focus and concentration, enhancing creativity, being more socially aware, and being in a better mood. These positive experiences help mostly employees to work better and become productive. 

Taking A Microdose of Magic Mushroom

Microdosing with mushrooms can be helpful if it brings a more positive effect to the user. But of course, it is essential to know that it shouldn’t be taken daily.

Even if the psychedelic substance cannot induce hallucinations, there is a protocol or schedule that users must follow to avoid developing tolerance to the drug. The most popular practice is Fadiman’s system.

In Fadiman’s practice, users microdose once every three days. It goes like this: 

  • Day 1: microdose
  • Day 2: none
  • Day 3: none
  • Day 4: microdose

It is done for several weeks before the result starts to show. In addition, users need to take the substance in the morning to avoid interfering with their sleep patterns.

As for the dosage, it can range from 0.1 to 0.3 grams. However, some people increase the dosage a little since they do not get the desired effects.

Ways to Microdose with Mushrooms

Now you know how to microdose, here are some ways you can use mushrooms. Although eating dried shrooms is the traditional way to microdose, you can spice things up and enjoy your take on psilocybe.


Capsules are one of the most popular ways for consumers to consume their microdose. These small powdered mushroom capsules are flavourless and unnoticeable. This is the most precise method of dosing with a stalk and cap combo.

If you have dried mushrooms available, you can crash them and add them to a capsule shell. In this way, you can prepare multiple stocks for future use.

You can buy them online if you don’t like to spend much time preparing them. Zoomies Canada is one place where you can get your microdose capsules. No one will ever guess that they contain magic mushrooms.


If you want to make your mushrooms taste better, you can try edibles. Shrooms’ food and beverages are excellent for microdosing and getting psychedelic trips. Its primary existence is to combat the unpalatable taste of dried and fresh shrooms.

You can make your own by following recipes online or getting a hand on ready-made items. The good thing about buying edibles is that the manufacturer has indicated the amount of psilocybin and how to dose it properly.

Brew a Tea

Another way to enjoy shrooms is to make some tea. It’s easy to make mushroom tea from a mixture of herbal tea leaves.

Magic mushrooms lose their hallucinogenic properties when heated to a high temperature, add them to your tea mixture and simmer them in water without boiling. You can add lemon or ginger to mask the taste and avoid nausea.

Lemon Tek

It’s similar to tea making, but you use lemon juice instead of water. The citrus can break down the psilocybin to psilocin, so the effect can happen when you consume it. 

Make sure that you add only a microdose. Do not exceed the amount, or you’ll start having mild hallucinogenic effects.

Get Ready to Boost Your Mood

Now that you’ve heard of microdose, you will surely want to try it. You can enjoy your psilocybin microdose by making tea, consuming a capsule, or spicing things up with tasty recipes or edibles. Get ready to boost your mood and improve your focus to concentrate better on your task.

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