Expand Your Multi-Service Business By Creating Uber Like Apps From Uber Clone App


Uber is a well-known app globally, but the back-end works are still a mystery for people. The app was initially introduced in the USA, and now it continues to grow and attract new users from over 60 countries all around the globe. Many taxi businesses around the world want to develop Taxi Apps Like Uber to increase their businesses. Some of them hire mobile app development companies to create a seamless interface for the users. This article provides you with some answers to this query.

A brief history and working of Uber App.

In 2009 induction of Uber was done and became a hit over the years because of its well-thought-out communication system between the customers and drivers associated with the company. The app provides live location tracking of the cab which customers book; it also alerts the nearest cab, which is beneficial for the drivers to make extra savings. The app works simply for the users; a person needs to download, create a profile, attach a payment gateway and start enjoying the services. The services include booking mini cars, luxury sedans, rental cars, SUVs, etc.

Key functionalities of Apps similar to Uber

If you want to create an Uber Like Software, there are few features to be kept in mind, and these are considered to be the core features of the application. A good app for mobile should include:

  •         Maps and live location interface

While developing an app like Uber, it is imperative to keep in mind that an app like Uber uses maps and a live location interface (GPS), often known as Global Positioning System. This system helps in tracking the location of the customers as well as the drivers. The maps guide the drivers throughout the route and help them find the shortest possible route to take. The app developers use this system of a route to note the approximate duration of the ride.

  •         Enrolment systems

An Uber Like Script offers several ways for its user to register them within the app. A user can use email and provide a phone number at the time of registration. The app also asks the user to allow access to the location for the app’s smooth running and provide cab services to the customers. The enrollment process for the drivers is a bit complicated as they need to visit the company office to submit official documents and enter the system.

  •         Matching system

This system in the application facilitates the passengers to find suitable rides fast and allows the drivers associated with the company to accept the ride requests. The system considers the distance between the drivers and clients, the traffic scenario, and the driver’s status (free/occupied). The automated driver selection mechanism makes the rides faster and ensures that all company drivers get enough orders within a day. This provides a sense of security to the drivers associated with the company.

  •         Notification and Alert messages

When designing an app similar to the Uber framework, consider the two popular ways to alert the user regarding the arrival of their rides:

o   The first way is using push notification, and this is easier to implement, which has a downside as it can let users down. Many users block the push notification, the feature of push notification can be affected due to unstable connection, or a user can ignore them.

o   The second way of alerting the users is by SMS service. The SMS is harder to integrate but is more reliable and lowers the chances of users ignoring them. To implement the SMS feature, a company needs to select and partner with a telecommunication service provider.

  •         Payment gateways

Apps similar to Uber use several types of payment gateways to facilitate the users. They nowadays promote cashless transactions as they are more secure, fast and promote social distancing in a pandemic situation. Some of the standard payment methods used by the Uber Company include credit & debit card, Google pay, various UPI wallets, and Cash. Thus, when developing the app, you should think carefully regarding the payment methods, which meets the demands of your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Thus, keeping in mind, all the above-mentioned key functionalities help you develop apps like uber. You can also take assistance and Hire Uber Clone App For Mobile App Development Like Uber, as they are experienced in developing such apps. The one thing to consider is sharing the requirements you want with the company you hire to develop the app. The development process can take time according to the requirements of the client company, and the cost also varies broadly, but everything is worth designing a successful application.

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