Everything you need to know before you buy a skeleton watch


No matter if you are taking a lot of time or just a few minutes to determine if a skeleton watch is the right choice for you, you need to ask the right questions. Whether you are a first-time watch buyer or you have a collection of watches, buying a skeleton watch is a big decision. It is easy to become so infatuated with the design that you don’t take practical matters into account: Is it self-winding? Can I change the straps? Will I be able to tell the time by looking at the hands? For the purpose of helping you remember the various details that make a skeleton watch great, or not, we have compiled this guide with everything you need to keep in mind before buying a skeleton watch.

What type of movement are you going for?

When it comes to skeleton watches, there are two major types of mechanisms powering them: automatic (self-winding) and mechanical (manual winding). This type of watch allows you to have a glimpse of its internal operations while it works in perfect harmony. Automatic watches require no batteries; rather, they are charged by the motion of your wrist. As the watch is worn, the power is stored in a spring. These watches are considered mechanical since they can be wound manually, as well.

While there are skeleton watches powered by quartz movement, they don’t provide the same experience as the mechanical ones. Some are designed with clear skeleton dials that resemble gears and cogs. The cost of skeleton watches and pocket watches are usually higher because of the type of movement they feature. The production of an automatic mechanical skeleton watch is more expensive than one with quartz movement.

What parts of the dial do you want to show?

Once you have decided on a mechanical or automatic skeleton watch, the subsequent step is to determine how much of the watch’s inner workings you want to show. A skeleton watch is characterized by either entirely or partially removing its dial, allowing its inner components to be visible.

When it comes to skeleton watches and open heart watches, a true skeleton watch is one where the plates and bridges are decorated with detailed patterns and designs. They are distinguishable from open heart watches which still offer a glimpse of the mechanics, but without the extra embellishments. It is worth noting that skeleton and open heart watches are often referred to interchangeably as skeleton watches. For those who are concerned that too much of the dial being taken away may make it hard to read the time, an open heart watch is an excellent option. 

What colors do you usually wear?

If you possess a ring or bracelet that you would like to coordinate with a skeleton wristwatch, consider picking a timepiece that has the same hue as your jewelry. For example, if you have a gold ring, then get a gold-tinted watch with a metal band. And if you own a silver, steel or platinum piece of jewelry, opt for a silver-tinted skeleton watch with metal strap. Additionally, if you intend to wear your skeleton watch every day or are engaged in manual labor, it is best to purchase a watch with a durable metal such as stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a material that is often affiliated with kitchenware and home appliances, but it has become a commonplace decision when it comes to watches as well. Its silver shine can be buffed to a glossy finish or brushed to have a matte appearance, and it will keep its shade for years. Different tints of stainless steel are available that resemble gold and rose gold. It’s simple to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant, not to mention it’s also corrosion-proof. Additionally, it’s much more economical compared to other metals.

What kind of story are you trying to tell?

We consider accessories to be the small elements that make a moment unforgettable. Wearing a watch is a subtle way of showing your personality without saying a single word. Are you looking for a more urban style watch or something more suitable for a formal occasion? Men’s skeleton watches are eye-catching and sure to start conversations.

In addition, you should consider the practical aspect of a skeleton watch – mechanical skeleton watches don’t need batteries, only winding. Automatic watches use your movements to power the watch and won’t require you to wind it at all. The action of winding a watch is a topic that watch collectors often discuss. It’s the tangible connection to their watch that starts off their day. Could this be something you’d be interested in?

Do you want something that you can exclusively wear for special events? Think about getting a limited edition skeleton watch; it will show off your personality and will be an original item that only a few people in the world can claim ownership to. If you’re looking for something to wear on a regular basis, a men’s skeleton watch will make its own statement. Whichever way you go, a unique timepiece like this will have people talking.

Zurich Tourbillon Theorema | GM-901-2 | Gold

If you are after a superb skeleton tourbillon, Zurich Tourbillon is a remarkable option. It is equipped with an in-house mechanical movement with 20 jewels that assures superior accuracy. Its sapphire crystal lens grants it extraordinary scratch-resistance and durability. This multi-function tourbillon is one of the best dual-time skeleton watches available. 

This limited edition watch, with its sun and moon phase design, continues to impress those who get to behold it. The brown genuine leather strap comes with a deployment butterfly buckle, both of which guarantee optimal security and a snug fit around the wrist. Perfect for a special occasion or a critical business meeting, the Zurich Tourbillon is one of the most dependable high-end watches from Theorema’s collection.

Venezia Theorema  | GM-118-6 | Silver

Tufina’s Venezia Theorema in silver is an exceptional skeleton watch. It houses a 17 rubies movement and is designed for the more refined individual. This limited edition watch has an engraved dial with intricate details and it is accompanied with a silver stainless steel bracelet. The pale blue hands are an ideal fit for the sophisticated design. 

This German watch for men is the perfect accompaniment for any luxurious outfit. If you are looking for a captivating skeleton watch, then this is the one for you.  Venezia was crafted with the classy man in mind, so it’s an ideal accessory for any fancy event. If you’re looking for an alluring skeleton watch that is practical, reliable and versatile, Venezia should be your go-to choice.

Sahara Theorema | GM-119-6 | Black

If you’re on the hunt for a black skeleton watch, Theorema’s Sahara model should be right up your alley. It’s built with a self-manufactured mechanical Unitas mechanism with 17 rubies and a rhodium surface that offers unparalleled sturdiness. The transparent design of the watch gives it a prestigious vibe, while the sapphire-coated lens and 3 ATM water resistance make it suitable for everyday use. The black genuine cow leather band adds to the comfort of wearing it, and the luminous hands further enhance the practicality of the watch. If you’re after a striking skeleton watch for men, you won’t be disappointed with this Sahara model.

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