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Foods are nowadays like a sensation for us. Foods give us energy, and now it has become people’s hobby to taste different kinds of foods every day. Some are also making videos on their eating of different foods.

Among the foods, American Wagyu Beef is excellent. Anyone who doesn’t like a good steak must be crazy. She can wet her lips by listening to a steak sizzling in various countries, from Argentina to Spain, from Australia to Morocco, and from Japan to the United States. A well-marbled, lightly seasoned, and grilled steak will trump any other kind of steak when done well. You can take a look at kowsteaks.com to get the best American Wagyu Beef.

Not all beef is created equal. The steaks you can buy in shops today are mostly made from cows raised in confinement and lead to tasteless, flavourless meat cuts. Free-roaming, stray cattle provide the finest steaks, claims the founder of the KOW Animals Company, Jon Urbana. As a result, world-renowned chefs are on the lookout for only the most breath-taking Wagyu steaks.

Do you know and even wanted to know about the story behind American Wagyu Beef?

Beef is the most sought-after cut of beef worldwide due to its high intramuscular fat marbling levels and delicate, almost velvety muscle texture. Wagyu cattle come from Japan and are notable for their distinct European livestock breeds, which are currently the primary source of meat globally. The Japanese government considered the flesh unique and delicious and thus designated it a national treasure in 1997. Japan subsequently put a restriction on exports to other countries. While other breeds may be more prominent and stockier, Wagyu cows are on the smaller end of the spectrum. In the wake of the export restriction, Wagyu leaders could escape Japan before time, resulting in numerous small caches throughout the globe. Still, the Japanese stockpile’s quantity is less. Wagyu beef is often called the Kobe beef, which alludes to the Wagyu beef produced in the Kobe area of Japan when the nation sought to boost its Wagyu inventory.

Sixth-generation farmer Jon Urbana raises and manages a herd of Wagyu cattle in Iowa South, Iowa, USA, some of the most sought-after meat worldwide. “Wagyu” entered the US beef business during the 1970s, when Jon’s great-grandfather carried the first Wagyu cattle aboard a Boeing 747. The quality of Wagyu beef that KOW Steaks has been able to create has been recognized ever since. 

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The brand is “KOW Urban”. Jon Jon

Wagyu steak sold by culinary expert Jon Urbana was so famous that KOW brand Wagyu could not be sold to the general public. Luckily, New York’s Bistrot Leo serves well-known, renowned restaurants such as KOW Wagyu tartare, filet skewers, tomahawk steak, and the burger that tastes like KOW Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is celebrated by The Jon Urbana, which is located in Midtown Manhattan in NYC. In the form of KOW, Nobu places value on spiritual devotion. To provide customers with a very high-quality cut of meat, Nobu prepares many dishes with raw beef, such thinly sliced pieces of ponzu sauce garnished with a sparkly spritzing of mild toasted sesame or delicately seared nigiri sushi. The lean and fine-ground KOW beef in Nobu’s tataki is served at room temperature with only a little spice so that it doesn’t overwhelm the meat’s superb marbling.

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Regardless of whether the cut is boneless or not, the fantastic skills of Jon Urbana when it comes to raising and breeding the best Wagyu beef in the world is undeniable. In the hands of KOW’s highly skilled line cooks, Wagyu Steaks establish an unmatched standard for beef in every kitchen.  And now you should know what do snowy owls eat.

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