Eight fans – maximum! In Sweden, spectators were returned to the stadiums in an original way


At the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden did not impose a strict quarantine. As a recommendation, the government advised social distancing and wearing masks. Catering establishments remained open. Nevertheless, last year the start of the Swedish championship season was postponed and the competition resumed in mid-June without spectators.

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This year, despite the high incidence rate in the country (15-20 thousand infected per day), many public places in Sweden continue to remain open to the public. And in early April, the authorities allowed fans to enter the stadiums. In the amount of … eight people.

The fact is that on November 24, 2020, Prime Minister Stefan Leuven announced a decrease in the maximum number of meetings from 50 to eight people. Therefore, the matches of the Swedish championship can be attended by the same number of fans. Before the game, each club holds a lottery, as a result of which eight lucky people get a chance to see the game of their favorite team at the stadium. For example, this is how the fans of Djurgorden supported their club in the match against Norrkoping (1: 0), trying to create at least some atmosphere in the stands.

Last weekend, AIK beat Hammarby 2-0 in the Friends Arena derby. After the match, the home team went to the fans to thank them and celebrate the victory with them. There were much more AIK employees and players – it looked very unusual.

Mats Enquist, secretary general of the Association of Elite Football Divisions in Sweden, does not understand why other public places are crowded and the minimum number of fans allowed into the stadiums.

“I have a feeling that we are not seen as the big organization that we really are. It is easier for health authorities to find solutions for bars and shopping centers, but not for us. And I don’t even know why,” Enquist tweeted.

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