Different Types of T shirt Printing Machines


T-shirt printing machines play a big role in putting admirable and entertaining designs in t-shirts and on other pieces of clothing.

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There are a lot of different printing machines based on their ability of printing and difference in features. This article will look into details several types of t-shirt printing machines, therefore this article is of great importance to the individuals planning to get into the market to acquire these printing machines, especially those going for the machine for the very first time.

Printing machines are gadgets designed in a way that they allow users to apply designs into t-shirts and other garments the designs may include pictures and other beautiful images.
These machines are designed into different types depending on the consumer’s preferences, these machines are also identified as different depending on their unique features and also their ability to perform a certain task, therefore leading to emergence of different types of these machines which include;

Circuit EasyPress 2

This machine is large sized and considered among the best printing machines due to its unique features and having a good reputation on being a good performer.

It has a large plate size which allows for printing large sized t-shirts,thus making it a unique and beneficial machine compared to others.

This machine is also characterized by it beinglightweight, thereforemaking it portable – it can easily be transported from one point to another without struggle, making it be considered thebest machine

The machine is also considered acheap printing machine available, making it more affordable to most users.

Vivo Home 8 in 1 Heat Press

This machine is considered as the most powerful performer and no other t shirt printing machine can match its printing power, therefore, being considered the best printing machine in the market.

It has a large plate size that allows for printing large size t-shirts and other garments, it also has a surface which avoid scorching while performing designs into the t-shirt and garments thus making it more preferred to other machines.

It also has a strong base for added stability therefore making it able to perform all kinds of task even the one considered to be the hardest that require very strong machines.

Circuit Easy press mini design

This machine is characterized by consuming less power compared to other printing machines thus being classified as the best and economical as at the same time it is the cheapest among all printing machines.

It is lightweight thus being portable allowing the user to move around with it without any struggle.

It also has feature of auto-shut making it unique from all other printing machines.

Transfer crafts 9 by 12 T-shirt Heat press

This machine is considered as the best printing machine in the market due to its unique features as it comes with different sizes of plates used in heating therefore allowing printing of both large sized t-shirts as well as large sized t-shirts.

It is also classified among the cheap printing machines therefore making it affordable to most users regardless of their earnings.


From the above illustration you are now aware and informed on different categories of printing machines and their corresponding features therefore while making a decision on which machine to go for you will be assured to acquire a machine that will satisfy what you were looking forward to.

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