Cricket betting: where to start?


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. This sport is actively developing, so every year the number of its fans increases by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s time to study the peculiarities of the sport to figure out how to place cricket bets correctly and make money on this sport.

Types of cricket bets

First of all, the player should decide where it will be more profitable to bet on sports. Each bookmaker offers the most favorable conditions for the bettor to be comfortable using the site for regular sports betting. A thoughtful bet on ipl cricket with parimatch will bring results. You can do it using the link provided. The bookmaker has prepared nice gifts for beginners, and professionals can take advantage of large odds and high limits.

Next, you need to understand which bet format will be the most convenient for him. Among the most relevant options should be highlighted:

  • A cricket bet on the outcome of a match. If we are talking about tournaments of the first level, then there may be a draw. At the same time, the likelihood of such an outcome will be minimal. In the t20 format, only the options for the victory of one of the teams are provided;
  • Double chance cricket bet. In its characteristics, such a bet is comparable to a bet on an outcome, but differs from it in that it allows you to sum up two possible outcomes with lower odds;
  • Bet on cricket with handicap on favorite. Such a bet allows you to set a handicap for one of the teams, so simply winning the match does not guarantee that the bettor will receive a payout. The team must win with the handicap taken into account;
  • Cricket bet on totals. In cricket, this betting format remains fairly common. Here it is necessary to determine how many runs can be made during the match period. Total can be general or individual.

In addition to the listed formats of bets, there are other interesting options, for example, a bet on player statistics. If the tournament is held according to the rules of the highest level, then usually the matches have a fairly wide list and personal achievements are offered among the options for the outcomes of the meetings. Indicators can be very diverse, ranging from the number of runs or the frequency of 6-point strikes, and ending with who will receive the title of the best player.

How to predict the outcome of a cricket match?

There are several parameters at once that affect the possible result in the upcoming meeting. One of them is the results that were obtained during the draw. If in some sports the first serve is not very successful, then in the case of cricket the opposite is true. The club that managed to get the right to the first attack in the test match gets a serious advantage. He can carry out an attack on a fresh playing field and with a new playable projectile.

Another thing to consider when betting on cricket is what kind of weather conditions the match takes place under. Cricket is a very weather-dependent sport. The weather has a particularly serious impact on the results of test matches. It should be noted right away that cricket is never played in the rain, so it is better to understand in advance how the results are calculated if the game is interrupted due to precipitation. It is also worth considering that in some countries, for example, in England, the sun sets later, so the match can last much longer. Keeping these nuances in mind, making effective cricket bets becomes much easier.

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