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Digital correspondences are indispensable tools in business, academe, or personal communications such as greetings and daily connections. One can send these forms of communication using various formats such as Microsoft Word, Portable Document Format, and PDF/A.

In this article, the commonly asked questions regarding PDF/A and how to convert PDF to PDF/A will be answered. Furthermore, the benefits of PDF/A conversion will also be tackled.

The Top Questions About PDF/A

What is a PDF/A and why should you convert PDF to PDF/A?

PDF/A format is an ISO- standardized subset of PDF. In other words, it is a version of a PDF.

When you convert PDF to PDFA, you can provide a brilliant solution to certain risks regarding the predictability of content in the future. Moreover, this feature applies regardless of the software you are utilizing. This file format forbids contents that are dynamic in nature. As a result, PDF/A can guarantee that users can access the same untouched contents for years to come.

The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) technology, this file format allows users to save various metadata such as the copyright. The Zip file compression is another benefit when users convert PDF to PDF/A. Though images can be compressed using JPEG compression, LZW compression is not possible.

There is no issue with including them in a PDF/A file with links. However, external links will probably become invalid over some time.

Each document becomes a digital one. A digital format file lessens paper consumption helps the environment, and best of all, it provides users with additional features. These are essential features, such as full–text search and digital signatures.

What does the “A” in PDF/A stand for?

The “A” in PDF/A stands for ARCHIVE, it is specially developed for long-term storage or archiving of digital documents.

What is the difference between PDF and PDF/A?

Adobe launched the Portable Document Format during the 90s. Shortly after its introduction, PDF became widely—used as a file format for the creation, storage, and exchange of electronic documents. On the other hand, PDF/A has only existed since 2005. It is born as a subset of the full PDF specifications developed by experts. It is purposely built for archival with the goal to ensure that even in 100 years a PDF/A document is readable.

Unlike a normal PDF, this format requires that everything needed to precisely render the file is contained in the PDF/A file, it includes color, images, fonts, and many more.

Lastly, it focuses on offices such as those of the government, corporations, and libraries.

Do you need any special applications for viewing PDF/A?

The answer is no. PDF/A files can be viewed by all PDF viewers.  It is not necessary to purchase or download special applications for viewing or displaying this kind of file format.

Is PDF/A more protected when it comes to file corruption?

No, PDF/A is another format option for saving and creating your files. It does not provide special protection against file corruption.

How can you best make PDF/A document text searchable?

Generally, PDF/A files are searchable. Unless the file came from a scanned paper document or image.

If you have a scanned document, OCR can be used to make searchable text.

Does PDF/A allow the inclusion of audio or video objects?

No, PDF/A prohibits video and audio objects in PDF/A files.

What is the size of a PDF/A as compared to PDFs?

A PDF/A might be slightly larger than the original PDF document from where it was made for size. There is more information stored in the metadata. Moreover, fonts are embedded in a PDF/A file.

Sometimes, color profiles create larger file sizes, however, this is not always true. It is still dependent on several factors.

Is there any issue regarding accessibility?

Accessibility is not a problem with PDF/A. It may also conform to PDF/A which is the ISO standard for accessible PDF technology.

How to Convert PDF to PDF /A

Convert PDF to PDF/A in minutes using an online tool like PDFBear. It can be easily accessible using any browser. Read on and learn how to transform your file to PDF/A.

Step One: Type in and search on your browser for PDFBear.

Step Two: Then click the “TOOLS” icon and choose PDF to PDF/A. Now, select your needed file from your computer or dropbox.

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Step Three: The online tool will upload the file immediately. Set the PDF/A conformance level.

Step Four: After choosing the conformance level, click the “Convert to PDF/A Now” icon. In no time, the converted document will be ready for you to download within two minutes.


PDF/A is an electronic document management file format. It is a standard format utilized for long-term preservation. It is a component of a complex and comprehensive preservation strategy. If you are not familiar with PDF/A, you should not worry or be hesitant in converting your file into this format. In fact, you should be more encouraged to transform your document, for it brings a lot of benefits in terms of security, accuracy, and accessibility.

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