Class 11 physics: Tips to score full marks


Class 11 is one of the most important stages in a student’s academic life. Class 11 should not be taken lightly if you want to score well in class 12 or JEE Mains or NEET. Those whose dream is to become an engineer or doctor must take the physics subject very seriously. To ace the physics exam, one must have logical thinking and analytical skills as well as a proper preparation strategy. 

This article will provide you with tips that help you to score full marks in class 11 physics.

  • Know the Syllabus and marks weightage: If you read the entire syllabus, you will use your time effectively to study the right chapters rather than the unnecessary chapters. It will help you create a proper timetable to finish the whole syllabus. Having a clear understanding of the weightage of different chapters will help you to decide how much time you should dedicate to each chapter.
  • Marks weightage: Knowing the marks weightage for all topics will make you aware of the important topics. This way you will know which topics to focus more on and can use the time wisely. It is not a productive way to read and learn everything and anything. Knowing the important topics and preparing those well will help you to score good marks in the exam. But it is a must to prepare each and every chapter thoroughly with full concentration. It is not advised to skip even a small topic. 

Some of the important topics of class 11 physics are:

  • Waves
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Thermodynamics
  • Laws of Motion
  • Rotational Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Follow a Timetable: Students must create a well-planned timetable to complete the whole syllabus on time. Allot time for all the topics from the syllabus along with proper breaks in between. Allot extra time to the topics having high weightage as well as for revision. You should strictly follow the timetables and finish the daily targets on time to make your preparation more effective. 
  • Follow the right study materials: There are so many books available in the market. You have to choose the books which have good information and cover the entire syllabus. Students must first complete all the topics from the NCERT book thoroughly. You can also refer to the Concepts of physics part 1 by HC Verma. This is also a standard book after the NCERT book. Refer to the HC Verma Class 11 Physics Part 1 Solutions for Chapter 3 and for other chapters to get more clarity. 
  • How to study physics: Class 11 Physics has certain central theories and principles which you must understand and memorize well. All the topics must be studied with utmost seriousness.
  • Read each line thoroughly. Understand every concept from all the chapters properly without skipping anything.
  • It is very important in Physics to remember and visualize the various mechanisms, processes, experiments, etc. This will help you to retain the information for a very long time.
  • Highlight the important points in every chapter and make your own short notes in a separate notebook which includes definitions, formulas, diagrams, equations, etc.
  • It’s time to test your understanding after completing each chapter. Solve all the problems given in the exercises as well as examples. 
  • Refer to the NCERT solutions to check whether your answers are right or wrong. It will also help you to clarify your doubts as well as make you understand how to present answers. 
  • You should practice all the problems at least twice to get a strong grip on them. 
  • Practice numerical problems: Numerical problems are a mandatory part of Physics. To score more marks, practice as many numerical problems as you can. Be thorough with the formulas and learn clearly how to apply them. You should have clear conceptual knowledge to solve numerical problems properly.
  • Clarify your doubts: Whatever doubts come to your mind, even if it’s a small one, clear them immediately. Take the help of teachers or experts or friends to clarify your doubts.  Never hesitate to ask your doubts. You should have strong conceptual knowledge of all the topics. 
  • Practice previous question papers: The most effective way to prepare for class 11 physics is to practice as many CBSE sample papers and previous year’s question papers as possible. Think of it as a real question paper and set a time for 3 hours. Complete the whole paper within the time limit and self-evaluate it. It will give a clear idea of the exam pattern, type of questions, etc. Identify from which chapters more questions are asked or repeated. Focus more on those topics. Make note of the mistakes you made while solving these papers. Try to improve the areas you feel are difficult or weak and avoid repeating the mistakes again. 
  • Attempt mock tests: Mock tests are the best way to self-evaluate your preparation level. Practice mock tests as many times as you can. You will be exposed to different types of questions which will help you to answer any kind of question that will come in the exam. It will help you to improve your answer writing and problem-solving skills. You will know how much time you are spending on each question. This is one of the best ways to revise every chapter you have studied. 
  • Revise properly: You should spend the last few days before the exam revising as many times as you can. Revision is the best way to recall the chapters you have learned. You will also get to know if you have missed any topic. Make use of the notes you made. It will help you to recall quickly. You must revise all the important formulas and theories daily. Revising will help you to perform well in the exam more efficiently.

Follow the above tips to score full marks in your class 11 Physics exam. With self-confidence in your preparation, you can ace your Physics exam. All the Best!!!

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