Can you imagine a species of some cats?


Just read the clues to identify the type of cat and not be distracted by their super cute faces. Get ready, go, guess!

Sometimes I am laughed at because of my ears

According to the Cats Fanciers’ Association (CFA), my ears resemble those of a lynx, with long hair curled at an angle of 90 °. You can also recognize me by my playfulness and careful style. I even show surprise which no doubt makes you smile. Games of my type of different colors and patterns, long or short-haired. I am a middle-aged cat, and my eyes are round, with nuts is another familiar character. If you are looking to get a cat, pick your own from twenty of your family Common Cat Breeds.

American curl

I’m talking too much

My hoarse meows can be irritating, according to Petfinder. But you will forget that little mistake when you look in my dark blue almond eyes. I have a thin, round jaw, and my limbs, neck and tail are thin. With big ears, matching the love we share, I sank down on the couch.


I am surrounded by myths and legends

Legally, I am a cat of the symbol of my Country. I am known for my mouse-hunting skills, I have wool that is accustomed to the heat of the snow – but it is still quite simple. I have big legs with bushes that help me walk on ice even though I am one of the big cats. My large oval eyes are usually green, gold or copper, sometimes even blue. According to Vetstreet, my communication skills are more vibrant than meow, the inconsistent sound of a giant giant.

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Maine Coon

I am an angel

While the blue silver tiles on my hair give me a halo style, I have some things that make me look like an angel. I am very loving, and outside, according to CFA, my body is home to five “hearts”. My head looks like three intertwined hearts: one visible from the front, the other visible when facing the top of my head and the third on my nose. A fourth is visible on my chest where I am sitting and a fifth is hitting the inside.


I have a reputation for being an active cat, so it is good that I am strong, intelligent and diligent. My most recognizable trait is the one characterized by its absence: a long, bushy tail. According to Vetstreet, cats without tails like rumpies. But if there are at least three caudal vertebrae connected to the ends of the spine, they are called rumpy risers. There are tails longer than the tail but shorter than the normal tail, we are talking about longer.


Little girls love to play with me

Besides, who wouldnt want to rub my half-long, silky coat? I am a pointed runner, which means my body is lighter than my face at the end, and my eyes are blue and oval. With my dress, we have a choice of three types, but I have already said a lot. The last thing: that’s when I reach the age of two that my coat takes on its final color.


I am a glorious person

In my country, I appeared on hieroglyphics back in 1684 BC. attractive little face in the shape of a pan. I ‘m not a very active cat, but a little cat rangu my main job is beauty!


They also call me a barn cat

Since I am one of the most beautiful breeds of cats, this nickname does not really fit me; better notice my hair is wet, long or short. And if you ask me for advice about your hair, I recommend a perm, with a clear bias. After all, they look good in all colors and patterns. Petfinder points out that I like to break into a cat mouse toy, while enjoying spending quality time at the feet of someone I love.


I have been seen

I am best known for my colors, which can have twelve different colors. You will need my short, sturdy jacket that needs a little laundry. I love sports and I am a friend of children. I am also known for my climbing skills, and you may find me at the top of your bookshelf. On my bed, I keep looking around, but when you call my name, I will come down and listen.


They call me “panther living room”

I can learn to walk with a rope and love to play catch, but I am not as fast as a monkey, as some say. My shiny black dress and golden eyes will win your heart right then and there, as I will practice my dance style, even though I have a reputation for challenging the person around me for the “look me right in the eye” competition. And alltimesmagazine believe me, I am the winner! One of the things I like to do the little things is to spread myself over the journal of my mistress as she reads.


I fix breakfast

With love and affection, I get along well with moviesverse children and even with some pets. Who wouldnt want to rub my thick, soft coat? Females of my species weigh between 3.6 and 6 kg, but males can weigh between 6.3 and 9 kg. My landlady even thinks it is mine, but it has become something else.

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