Best Destiny 2 Exotics for Season 14 PvP (2021)


Destiny 2 has nerfed the most powerful weapons in the Crucible. AOEAH.COM shows you the best Exotics that you should now use in Season 14 PvP. We explain what makes the weapons so good now and give you further tips for your loadout.

Best Exotics for Season 14 PvP in Destiny 2

What happened? Update 3.2.1 swirled the balance in the middle of Season 14. The nerf for aggressive 120 handguns and the attenuation of shotguns are clearly noticeable in the crucible. Here we list the strongest Exotics, which are now becoming more and more popular and fill the power vacuum of the nerfed top dogs in the melting pot.

The order of the list does not correspond to any rating. Each Exotic is designed for a different style of play, but all options are really strong now in Season 14. We made sure that you not only find the 5 very similar weapons here, but that there is actually a top selection available for everyone to get with Destiny 2 Silver – regardless of whether you play with the controller or with the mouse and keyboard.

Top 5 Exotics To Use

The Chaperone: An exotic slug shotgun for the Kinetik slot. In other words, a pump that only fires a single projectile instead of a wide range of shot. The range of the Exotic is at the limit and after a precise kill the weapon becomes even more dangerous. Slug shotguns are not affected by the Shotgun Nerf in Patch 3.2.1 – although some Guardians report that Chaperon has lost about 0.5 meters of range. But the Exotic knocks down an opponent with just one precise hit at 13 meters.

Ace of Spades: An exotic handgun for the Kinetik slot. The 140 revolver is something like the Swiss Army Knife from Destiny 2. After kills there are 6 shots with bonus damage, a solar explosion and faster reloading. In addition, the Exotic has a really large handgun magazine of 13 rounds and other perks that make it a monster now. The 140 handgun with its long range closes the gap left by the nerfed 120s (almost up to 40 meters effectively). You even fire a tick faster. In addition, the damage after Memento Mori is now higher (90) than that of Igneous-Hammer and other 120 consorts (80).

Bastion: An exotic fusion rifle and the only weapon of its kind for the Kinetik slot. Instead of energy rays, the Exotic shoots 7 balls in 3 bursts that follow quickly. The enormous damage and the high distance now make the game easy. A Shotgun Keeper has long been Bastion’s greatest enemy. Now that these enemies have to get closer, you have loaded Bastion and fire the all-devastating burst before the shotgun gets into the dangerous area. Bastion has a maximum range of around 17 meters.

Last Word: An exotic handgun with the unique 225 rate of fire. You fire the Western revolver quickly, fully automatically and ideally from the hip. The exotic has been buffed season after season and is now absolutely top tier (especially controller custodians should strike immediately). Last Word is the deadliest handgun for hand-to-hand combat. Just 3 shots from the hip are enough to knock down an opponent – that corresponds to a TTK of 0.53 seconds. Hardly any other primary weapon comes close to such values.

No Time To Explain: With a fully automatic pulse rifle with a 340 rate of fire. The exotic has really strong status values, can reload ammunition in battle and call a companion who shoots with you. As an aggressive pulse rifle, you can kill opponents with just 2 bursts (0.67 sec TTK). Now that fewer 120s handguns keep you at bay, it’s much easier to get these 2 fully automatic bursts to the enemy. No Time To Explain is a good time to hold lanes and surprise enemies with high damage.

Other Best Exotics You Should Try In Season 14 PvP

Dorn: The lethal syringe inflicts damage on enemies over time, can automatically reload after kills and increase the damage so high that 2 hits are enough for a kill.

Dead Man’s Tale: Especially on the PC, the Scout rifle is just incredibly strong, even after its nerf. If you fire from the hip, you can also cause damage really quickly in close combat.

Scarlet Fever: The hybrid of handgun and pulse rifle heals you after kills and reloads the magazine. If you can handle the Burst style of play, you should test the little brother of Roter Tot now,

Cloudstrike: The sniper rifle can end a round in the trials with just one shot. Because with precise kills, lightning strikes, knocking down all opponents in the vicinity.

Jötunn: Destiny 2’s least popular weapon is still really nasty. The fusion rifle charges a ball of fire that finds its target on its own and kills it immediately. by visiting thsi nsite you can know, do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Vigilance Wing: The unusual pulse rifle fires 5 bullets at once and heals you when your allies die. The high damage ensures that you don’t have to load every shot precisely and still mow everything down quickly.

Do not forget to support all Exotics with appropriate mods in your armor. So you reload faster and aim better or hold up Flinch better. What do you think of the best Exotics to play in PvP right now? Are you happy, because finally there is space for more weapons or are you mourning the nerfed guns? Tell us in the comments what you’re making the Crucible unsafe with.

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