A visa application is a tough process that comes with a lot of complexities. There are different kinds of visas serving different purposes to the applicants’ needs. Each application requires the applicant to follow certain rules and requirements. Applying for a student visa, for instance, will need thorough homework, and the applicant will have to go through a lot of necessary paperwork to get accepted.

The idea of studying abroad seems great with more possibilities and opportunities. However, one needs to take care of just as many matters to sort out before being granted permission to live and study abroad. The United Kingdom student visa application follows the same overall process.

To begin with, one needs to carry out well-organized research and gather all the relevant information about the entire visa process. This may be a stressful practice but is very essential in staying updated with what is required. By reaching out to Southampton top immigration lawyers you can get all the assistance needed to do the necessary homework before signing up for the big task.

 Getting Enrolled Into a University

The first step toward applying for a visa in the United Kingdom is getting accepted into a reputable university. This makes the process easier once the student gets their acceptance letter from the respective educational institute they want to attend. Once done, the student can then apply for the visa based on that letter.

Check Laws Regarding the Requirements of Visa

Study up on the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom. This is particularly essential when applying for a visa, to begin with. Laws and legislations vary from country to country, thus it is important to be well versed in all these before applying for a visa.

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When considering getting a student visa for the UK, certain aspects need to be checked beforehand. The circumstances after Brexit have also changed a few laws and legislations. Check your current legal status before deciding to apply for your UK visa as a student.

EU / EEA and Swiss Students

There are different conditions when it comes to a visa application for individuals who are part of the European Union. If you’re a part of the EU, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • EU citizens do not have to apply for a visa if they are already UK residents before the year 2021
  • In case of arrival in the UK in the year 2021, the students will need to apply for a visa
  • If the student started their education in the year 2020, they need to apply for a payment plan before June 2021 to continue studying in the UK
  • For the citizens of Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein the same laws may apply, however, they would need to check with the updates on legislation to make informed decisions


Non-EU / EEA Students

Students who are not part of the European Union are required to carefully choose their visa types based on the period of their studies in the United Kingdom. These visas are either short-term or general student visas. The visa applicants can head to the government website of the United Kingdom to determine what visa suits their situation best.

Here are further details that might help make an informed choice on the visa type:

Type of Visa Required to Complete Studies in the UK

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of visas a student can opt from depending on their study period in the United Kingdom.

 Short-Term Study Visa (available for 6 or 11 months)

Students who wish to apply for short courses, like in language, can apply for a short-term visa. This also applies to students on a short period of education that they need to spend in the UK as part of their degree.

 Visa tier 4 (General) Student Visa

This type of visa applies to the students who wish to enroll in full-time degree programs like graduate, postgraduate, or doctorate degrees.

 Tips On a Visa Application

The year 2021 has possibilities of changes in the visa application system and process. Therefore, it is important to stay updated on the recent changes by keeping a check on the government website of the United Kingdom.

It is also very beneficial to be proactive throughout the entire process. Leaving things at the last moment can lead to chaos ending in mistakes. It is recommended to start the visa application three months before to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Furthermore, the most important, and foremost step in the entire process is the acceptance letter from the respective university.

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Getting organized and staying updated with all the required details before applying for a visa can help prevent errors.

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