Lace wigs don’t have to be reserved for the stars. Although many women buy lace wigs online or in stores, not enough stylists are available to apply them. Some women prefer to apply a lace wig at home, while others don’t want to spend the money to have it done professionally. No matter what reason what type of wig such as 613 lace front wig or lace front bob wig, this is an easy step-by-step guide for applying a lace-wig.

Application preparation

You must prepare your hair and purchase the right supplies before you apply any type of lace-wig. These supplies include:

1 Lace front Wig

Optional: 1 Ace bandage wrap or a skin toned wig cap

1 set of tweezers

Salon Quality Cutting Scissors

Bonding agent (Glue or Tape).

Multiple hair clips and ties

Alcohol rub

Protective skin lotion


Once you have everything you need, you can start to style your hair. Before you can install the lace-wig, you will need to wash your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair healthy. You should make sure your hair is dry and moisturized. A trim is recommended if you have split ends or damaged hair. A lace wig’s primary purpose is to promote healthy hair and provide versatility.

You have two options after washing your hair and applying any of the recommended hair treatments. For added security, some women wear a skin-toned wig cap underneath the lace wig. Others simply brush their hair back and apply. Make sure the wig cap matches your skin tone if you decide to wear it. The cap can be worn as a wig, or you can simply wrap your hair around it.

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Ace bandage is a great way to make your scalp look even more natural. Ace bandage, a low-cost athletic bandage that can be used to treat muscle injuries, is available at your local pharmacy. The bandage sticks to itself, so you don’t need to apply any glue or tape to your hair. The bandage’s texture mimics the look of the lace front wig’s scalp. Wrap it around your head, either over a regular cap or directly on the hair. You should wash your hair with rubbing alcohol, and allow it to dry completely.

Your HD lace wig will last longer if you purchase the recommended products. Knot sealer prevents lace wigs from breaking down during styling and regular brushing. Spray the product onto the inside of your hd lace wig cap. Allow it to dry, then blow dry lightly. Apply the lace cap protector. This will ensure that your lace wig cap lasts longer. This is a great way for protecting the lace front cap. Spray the inside of your lace wig cap, being careful not to get it directly on the hair. Spray lightly so that the product doesn’t soak into the lace-wig cap. Apply a second coat once the first one is dry. Allow this to dry completely for at least an hour. You are now ready to apply the wig.

A lace front wig is a wig that has lace running around the hair’s front from ear-to-ear. It may have either plain lace or stretch lace depending on which lace wig you choose. As Swiss lace can be delicate, it is recommended that you buy a lace-wig with French lace.

Apply the skin protector to your hairline. Allow the skin protectant to dry before you attach the lace front. All hair should be pulled back into a ponytail. Clip any hair that is not close to the hairline, or that is layered, with clips. You don’t want hair to fly in the way of the wig or into the bonding material.

Next, adjust the lace-wig to fit your head. You will need to inspect the lace wig from all angles. The lace should be cut. You should not cut the lace too close as you are only observing the positioning. Leave about 1 1/4 inches of lace behind when cutting.

You can use your tweezers to adjust the thickness of the lace-wig’s hairline. An overly thick hairline is not natural looking and should be adjusted to increase the density. Slowly remove one hair at a stretch. Do not tweeze too much hair from one row or section. Take a step back after you have tweezed a few hairs to check if the density is increasing. This should take some time. It is not possible to reinstall hair after it has been removed.

Now that you have fitted your hair and fixed the hairline, it is time to apply the bonding agent and cut the lace. Once you have established the position and removed as much hair as possible from the hairline, you can begin cutting the remaining lace. You should trim as close as possible to the hairline without affecting the lace wig.

If you’re using tape for bonding, don’t forget your tweezers. Two tape stripes is sufficient if you’re using the long tape, while four stripes should be used for normal tape. Gently turn the lace wig’s hairline backwards so that the inside is exposed.

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