Apex Legends 2.0 Season 9 In Detail


Apex Legends  is getting better and more popular – recently the fastest battle royale F95Zone celebrated 100 million users, and soon after that the first teasers of the ninth season called Legacy started. Our editorial team received early access to it and were able to make sure that the game is expected to change for the better.

The testing took place in conditions of total conspiracy: journalists were given press accounts and an invitation to a closed press chat, where the presentation of innovations took place. To test the novelty, I had to re-install the Origin launcher , in which the game was listed under the secret name Daily Dragons 2 . But you have hardly seen how any of your friends play it, because EA was asked to withhold information until the official announcement took place on April 26.

We were also asked not to squad with friends for the “Arena” mode. Thanks to this mode, by the way, Respawn calls the ninth season nothing more than Apex Legends 2.0 . At the same time, the content in the ninth season is not that much more than in the eighth – we are already used to traditionally generous new things. In fact, Legacy is most important in terms of developing the combined lore of the Titanfall  series and the Apex Legends game . You haven’t forgotten that both games are united not only by the developer and publisher, but also by a common world with the same events and characters?

This prelude for a reason:

Apex Legends Legacy will debut a new Valkyrie legend. Her story is told in the touching Best grenade spots dust 2. Valkyrie is the daughter of one of the Titanfall 2 bosses , nicknamed “Gyurza”, whom gamers will have to destroy during the storyline events of the game. She dreams of getting even for the death of her father with the famous bad guy Titanfall 2 – a villain named Kuben Blisk. Instead, he sends her to participate in the Hunger Games, which is the Apex Games. Attentive players will surely remember that it was he who was the very grandfather who issued the invitation for the fighting Hindu Rampart in the sixth season.

Most of all, Valkyrie is similar to Farrah from Overwatch , namely, she is able to levitate in the air thanks to the three-turbine jetpack that forms part of her robotic suit. In addition, she knows how to launch missile volleys into the area, which smoke out enemy legends from their homes, no worse than the Fuze ult from the eighth season. Finally, the ultimate ability is vertical takeoff, thanks to which the entire team of three can easily “jump” through the air to a comfortable zone. Reminiscent of the jump towers scattered throughout the Apex Legends arenas, but only with the help of the Valkyrie, these jumps are performed anywhere and much faster. During the playtest, the author thought that this hero was too strong due to good maneuverability in the air and as many as three charges of salvo rockets.

The main gameplay innovation was the “Arena” mode. In fact, this is a deathmatch in the spirit of Counter-Strike: GO , but with clear rules and restrictions. Two teams, each with three legends, all weapons are bought before the start of the round. The match lasts until wins in three rounds. The currency for the purchase of upgrades, abilities, armor and even modules for weapons is issued for an effective game – killing enemies and capturing special containers with loot, the points from which are divided equally among all players of the team.

At the moment, the authors have presented two “Arenas”, which are inspired by the already existing locations from the game, but use their own unique architecture with the location of points of interest. Arenas are played very cheerfully, as if Apex Legends was originally created with this mode. We do not waste time on looting, selection of equipment and search for the enemy. The arenas are cramped enough that enemies only have 5-10 seconds to choose the location and point of defense or attack. Of course, you can lock yourself in the starting base, but then the enemy will get all the containers with buns scattered around the perimeter.


Finally, among the final changes – the map of Olympus was reworked, which was partially absorbed by the wild. In the studio, Respawn does not plan to add new locations to the classic mode, and focus on improving the user experience associated with the current map. In other words, don’t expect a new Olympus yet. But there will be a collaboration with another Electronic Arts game(difficult person test) , which will be a pleasant surprise for many.

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