An Easy Guide on Converting Your Files to PDF Online Using PDFBear


There are many types of files that we can convert to PDF, such as Word, Excel, JPG, PPT, and HTML. By converting these formats into a PDF, it would be more secure and protected from unauthorized access. It would also make it more comfortable and convenient to view, send, and share your documents with others.

PDF is the most common format needed in business, work, school, etc. It has a professional approach and gives a sense of formality to others. It is more accessible compared to other formats. Using PDFBear, we are offered plenty of tools to utilize for free. Here, we will see what tools are available and how to use them.

Converting Word to PDF

Converting Word to PDF makes your document viewable quickly and conveniently on all platforms. Also, it would not be easy for others to edit or manipulate your documents. With PDFBear, we only have to follow these simple steps to convert our DOCS or DOCX to PDF.

The first is to select or choose the file from our device, or we can also drag and drop the files to the conversion box. Then PDFBear will scan and start the process. Once it is done converting, our files will be available for download, and we can save them or send them to our Dropbox and Cloud.

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Converting Excel to PDF

By converting our Excel files to PDF, our data would be more comprehensible. Excel files are also prone to viruses since it has these programs called macros. It’s one of the reasons why we convert this type of format. Using PDFBear, by only selecting the Excel file, our documents would be turned into a PDF file in no time.

Converting PPT to PDF

Sharing or sending your Powerpoint presentation to other people sometimes puts you in trouble through common errors or incompatible programs. Converting your PPT files into a PDF, it would make your work easier, making everything efficient. You only have to select the slides that you want to be converted, and PDFBear will do the rest for you. Once converted, it will be available for download, and you can also save it to your drive or send it through email.

Converting JPG to PDF

There would come a time where your desktop would not have enough storage because of all the files that are compiled on your disc. Most of them are images that are cluttered everywhere. One way to solve this is to transform them into a PDF, making it more accessible to find and more organized. 

Collecting and merging the images that you want to be converted into a PDF makes it possible with PDFBear. By only selecting the images or dragging and dropping the files, it would transform into one PDF file and be ready for download.

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Converting HTML to PDF

PDFBear also has a tool that turns our web pages into PDF documents. By doing this, we can avoid other people stealing our valuable information and data from our web pages. To convert the HTML to PDF, we only have to copy and paste the URL to the conversion box. PDFBear will do the conversion and make a copy of our PDF available for download.

PRO Membership with PDFBear

We can have unlimited access to PDFBear if we subscribe to their PRO membership. The advantage of this is we are given complete task conversion, storage space, file storage, upload file size, and endless conversion tasks that we can do at the same time. We will also get a higher upload speed and will always be prioritized in their technical or customer support.

Safety and Security

With PDFBear’s 256-BIT SSL security encryption, they make their utmost priority to secure our files, guaranteeing our files’ safety and security at all times. Also, PDFBear deletes all the files that we upload to their system after an hour, assuring that our files would not be in other people’s hands that they may change or edit our essential data and information.

We can also manually delete the documents from the server by accessing our files in “My Account” from the “File Management” if we are subscribed to the PRO membership.


PDFBear makes sure that it always keeps a safe and secured platform that we can use online where we could take advantage of their tools in a fast, convenient, and easy way while giving the best quality. PDFBear is cheap and accessible anywhere at any time by just connecting to the internet. PDFBear supports all kinds of electronic devices such as your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. 

PDFBear also supports all major Operating Systems giving access to Microsoft, iOS, or Linux and thus making it convenient for anyone, especially those whose work depends on documents every day.

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