An Absolute Guide for Hot Tub Cover Buyers to Get the Best Available Products


If you love to relax at your hot tub or spa, then you may have a fair investment to make in order to set up this expensive piece of equipment at home. A hot tub has many therapeutic, entertainment, and health benefits. In order to ensure optimum performance and a longer lifespan for your investment in a hot tub, you should also take some essential steps to protect it from all types of damages. You can enjoy the best health and therapeutic benefits of a hot tub at home only if you install a good quality cover to protect it.

This article will discuss some important considerations to make while choosing the right hot tub or spa cover and what you need to look for while shopping for an appropriate-size cover. We will also discuss where to buy the covers online and how to get them at the best pricing.

Essentials of hot tub cover

If you are planning to replace your old hot tub cover or planning to buy one for your new spa, you may find that there are plenty of choices available out there in the market. A quick search on the internet will unveil many types and materials of hot tub covers and spa covers to choose from. So, how will you know which one is the best hot tub cover for you? How can you assess whether the price tag is right? Here are some tips.

The thickness of the cover

Hot tub covers are coming in a tapered form. This is because you need excellent protection of your hot tub from ice, snow, rain, and heat, etc. So, covers have various thicknesses ranging from 4 inches with taper padding of 2 inches or 6 inches with a taper of 4 inches on the edges, etc. The difference in terms of thickness is not only about the size but also about its load capacity. Thicker material means it can withstand more weight.

Whatever the thickness of your cover is, the heavier it may get. So, it is important to consider the thickness you want by considering the climatic conditions and your hot tub’s nature. If your hot tub is located outdoors and there is a lot of snowfall during winter, then you must look for a thicker cover. If that is the case, then you may require 6-inch x 4-inch thickness at a minimum for outdoor hot tub covers, whereas for indoor hot tubs, you may only require a 4-inch x 2-inch cover. An ideal hot tub cover, which can fit for all seasons, maybe 5-inch x 3 inch in thickness, may be able to handle most of the weather conditions.

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The density of the cover

Next to thickness, you may also consider the density of your hot tub cover, which is a critical value in terms of its load capacity and insulation. The basic density of most of the hot tub and spa covers is 1.5 libs or 2 libs. The foam density is obtained in terms of pounds per square inch. As the foam density is lower, the cells of the form may be more open and will result in a lower weight capacity. Weight capacity, saturation, and lower tension value are three major factors to optimize your hot tub cover’s performance. In addition to this, the higher the density of the form is, the lower the cost of operating your spa will be. So, it is highly recommended to choose a minimum of 1.5 libs as the foam density. By visiting this site you can know about the advantages of cold plunge tub.

Apart from these, you may also consider the material and reinforcement mechanism of your hot tub covers in order to get the best quality covers, which will ensure a longer life and better performance of your hot tub.

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