All About Water Vending Machines


Water vending machine is an amazing way to drink clean and pure water rather than spend money on medical treatment. The machine can be fixed at public or private places to give healthy, hygienic, and pure drinking water 24/7 round the year. This machine aims to satisfy the global population’s demand for drinking water at random places like bus stations, malls, or the roadside.

What Is A Coin-Operated Water Vending Machine?

Water ATM is just like coin-operated telephones where you can enter a coin and get fresh water in return. You can view these machines almost in every public place, city, town, and even in many villages.

This cloud-based remote monitoring machine is combined with a reverse osmosis approach and ultra-filtration systems that give you quality management, real-time intelligence, and lowered operational costs.

About The Water ATM

It is an automatic water vending machine that generates pure and fresh drinking water. It is specifically produced for the urban and rural areas that don’t have clean and purified drinking water. It operates like a regular ATM. It is commonly used to get pure drinking water at a cheaper price rate than bottled water like a water purifier. This approach is the most useful and cost-effective to obtain purified drinking water.

People can receive water from the “pay per use” whenever they want pure water. It protects the time, effort, and money traveling or standing in lines to get safe drinking water. People learn to use water correctly as they have to spend money for it even at a low cost. This machine lowers people’s dependency on bottled water for those living in rural areas or below the poverty line.

Why Do We Need This?

However, as the demand for RO filters surged, the prices shot up, and it was no longer affordable for middle-income people. In rural areas, people walk several kilometers to get drinking water from well or lakes as there is no tap water supply, just like in urban areas. This triggered an excellent opportunity to make safe drinking water accessible and affordable to rural and urban populations who cannot afford to buy expensive RO water purifiers.


  • To encourage local Entrepreneurs
  • To provide purified drinking water
  • To increase drinking water plants for the general public
  • To bring portable water at an economical cost. To develop modeling and simulation
  • To produce a long-lasting machine using simple methods
  • To get a simple design mechanism that can be easily managed

Is The water Vending Machine Safe?

The ability to purify and provide safe, clean, and affordable drinking water with many purification processes makes it ideal for high footfall locations like bus depots, railways stations, shopping malls, etc. Some notable features of the WVM cover;

  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Coin Based Water Dispensation
  • Remote parametric control
  • Automatic alerts to refill the water tank
  • Features healthy, safe, durable and easy installation

The Benefit Of Offering This Machine

Besides making more profit because you are delivering a useful service to people who require pure water as many people don’t trust tap water quality.

You can get a healthier lifestyle with this machine. Many times we notice that the villagers get infected because of drinking unhealthy water. This machine can protect those people from getting infected because tap water can cause disease.

It Can Be Installed At

  • Bus Stops
  • National Parks
  • Metro Stations
  • Railway Stations
  • Public & Private Places
  • Hospital & Nursing Homes

Advantages Of Water Vending Machines

  • The water ATM machine gives completely clean and healthy drinking water
  • The machine is very cost-effective and economical for rural and urban areas
  • It distributes safe and clear water all time. People can purchase water on a ‘pay per use’ basis when they want
  • The water is entirely free from all kinds of germs because it is treated well by reverse osmosis before it is available for drinking
  • There is also a total assurance of protected and clean drinking water, which frees people from worries of water-borne ailments
  • It saves people time and exertion on travelling or standing in lines to bring safe and pure drinking water
  • It diminishes citizens’ reliance on packaged drinking water, which generally is a costly choice, especially for those living in rural areas
  • People also learn to utilize water wisely as they need to pay for it even though it is nominal

The main aim of this machine is to help people get pure water with many years of experience in water treatment.


With so many advantages offered by the water vending machine, it is bound to become the most popular product for providing drinking water for national parks, public locations, and places unreachable by old pipeline-based water supply. You can choose your priority of price over quality when buying pure and freshwater from cheaper coin-operated vending machines. The Modern Coffer of Information

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