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What is Fashion?

It is the most widely accepted and widely used expression of the beauty and style prevailing among the people of a particular geographical area and at a particular period of history. The term is mainly used for clothing and accessories (such as jewellery, bracelets, scarves, etc.), shoes, hairstyles, make-up, body shape, lifestyle, language and speech, practical things (such as furniture), etc. Synonyms also indicate it for current, custom, trend, style, wind, manner, rule, etc. In English, it is called Fashion.

In a narrower definition, the English word “fashion” refers to research and business activities related to the design and sale of elegant, gorgeous and luxurious clothing and accessories in a new style. It can be called the style of dress or the current style of dress in Bengali. In the contemporary era, such activities have become an important part of business and economic life since the beginning of the twentieth century. They have led to the emergence of a special type of industry in the local, national and international capitalist economic system, known as the “fashion industry”. Art” is called. The various individuals, groups and organizations involved in this industry have played an active role in bringing about changes in the dress code at different levels of society over the ages.

What is the fashion cycle?

The rotation of something in a circle is called a cycle. Fashion is a cycle. It revolves around a cycle. Usually, if a garment design dies and the design starts again, it is called a fashion cycle.

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What are the names of fashion trimming?

(1) Yarn or thread

(2) Elastic

(3) Interfacing

(4) Belt

(5) Fastener

(6) Fine cloth etc.

What is the importance of Fashion?

(1) Fashion is important to make one’s own culture known to others.

(2) To make oneself attractive to others.

(3) To develop beauty.

(4) Fashion is important in wearing clothes that suit every season balloon letters.

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