Air conditioners – How they work and types, and their features


Before considering buying an AC you need to know what you need. Having knowledge of ACs is important for avoiding mistakes when choosing the type you buy. Learn how they work and the features to look for each type.

It is very important to have information about how the air conditioners work and the types that are on the market. This is important for decision-making when buying.

How the air conditioners work

An air conditioner work the same way as a refrigerator.  The air cooling system uses refrigeration to function. The process starts with a thermostat that is mounted on a central area of the facility to monitor the surrounding temperature. On detecting a rise in temperature it sends signals to other components.

The fan pulls in the hot air through air ducts and blows it over to the filters where all the dust and other particles in the air are removed. All these particles remain in the filters as the clean air passes on to the evaporator coils. Inside the coils is a refrigerant liquid that enhances the cooling. As the warm air comes through to the coils the liquid inside the coils absorbs the heat and evaporates thus cooling the air

The cool air then is blown out to the surrounding. The evaporated liquid is condensed to maintain a continuous cooling cycle. The gas is compressed back into a liquid by a compressor. The process of compression causes extra heat. The heat then passes out through the condensing coils outside the system and the refrigerant is restored into a liquid state.

Types of air conditioners and their features

Air conditioners exist in different types. Choosing the type to purchase depends on the demands and size of the premise that requires the conditioning. Also, it depends on an individual’s preferences and needs. These types are discussed below

  • Central Conditioning System

Some of the features of this type are:

  1. A valve for thermal expansion that enhances the flow of the refridging liquid to improve performance.
  2. Air filters for system functioning and enhanced airflow as they remove the dust particles
  3. Indicator light for filters to signal the user when to change the filters
  4. Fan switch to using the fan only to avoid large consumption of energy. This is important when ventilation is required
  5. Thermostats can be programmedto regulate the cooling depending on the conditions of the environment.
  • Ductless Mini-Split

Its features are:

  1. It has no ducts and vents for air blowing
  2. The evaporator coil in the indoor unit for cooling the air
  3. blower fan to push theair
  4. a compressor that condenses the refrigerant
  5. condensing coil that gets the heat out of the indoor unit
  • Window Air conditioning system

The features of this air conditioner include:

  1. A thermostat to regulate the cooling
  2. A fan speed knob regulates the rate of space cooling and the noise produced by the unit.
  3. Remote control for regulation of temperature
  4. A programmable time that will allow the user to set intervals between the start and stop time.
  5. Air direction control for controlling the direction of the airflow
  6. Standard and washable filters. Standard filters are the replaceable ones while the washable ones can be unmounted from the AC and washed and the be mounted back
  • Portable Air Conditioners

These can be carried around and the characteristics include:

  1. Water collection unit that collects the water since portable cooling system absorbs moisture too
  2. A timer to set intervals for functioning to reduce energy consumption
  3. Remote control to adjust settings and switch the conditioner on and off
  4. A lamp off switch to turn off the display lights
  • Floor Mounted AC

This AC is like others except it is mounted on the floor and it is ideal in large rooms and premises. The features are:

  1. Ionizer that enhances the emission of dust and air particles to clean the air
  2. Auto re-starter that restores the settings you have done on the AC even after a power blackout
  3. Sound pressure
  4. High power consumption
  5. Energy star sticker
  • Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioners

This cooling system is more advanced in technology than other conditioners and it is weatherproof. The features of this type are:

  1. Minimum running costs
  2. Uniform air conditioning through all seasons of the year
  3. Combined evaporative cooling and mechanically enhanced air conditioning to enhance functioning during harsh weather like the monsoon, and humid seasons.
  4. Indirect evaporative coolers that reduce energy consumption
  5. An intelligent control system that enhances automatic switching to the required energy modes.
  • Smart Air Conditioners

  1. Have the ability to use Wi-Fi and connect to a smartphone or a tablet
  2. They do not require a remote control, they are controlled remotely by a mobile device
  3. Can be mounted to windows and walls
  • Geothermal Air Cooling System

These ones use geothermal energy to heat, cool, and produce electricity. The features include:

  1. An underground heat pump circulates the fluid that disperses and collects heat from the surrounding environment
  2. Plastic tubing buried
  3. It depends on the insulating features of the earth because of its constant temperature throughout the year, for effective conditioning

Everyone needs comfort in their environment. Air conditioners are very key in temperature regulation, especially during the extreme seasons of the year. Choose the best type and look out for the best features that fit your needs.

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