A Simple Guide: How to Convert PPT to PDF During the Pandemic


With the rise of activities via the internet, PDF usage is also rising. And due to this unprecedented pandemic, it has become more common than before. Activities relating to work and school have been given and received online, making it more complicated for those who are not familiar with it.

Most likely, the majority of the document files circulating on the internet today are in PDF form. PDF is a format designed to compress the file making it easier to share, print, and view. The use of PDF is not new to most people who use the computer on a daily basis, but to those who are not, they tend to encounter multiple problems from conversion to use. One problem encountered using PDF is converting it to other file formats and vice versa. But with this article, we will be discussing how to convert PDF files to PPT.

Why convert to PPT?

Before diving into the methods of converting PDF to PPT, you might wonder why people convert PPT files to PDF. One reason for this is that by converting it to PDF, the file is compressed to a smaller size which is easier for sharing. Another reason for this to happen is that they want to protect their files from slide alteration as well as for copyright protection.

Online Converter Websites

Now that people can access the internet with just their fingertips, they can now perform tasks with help from the internet. One type of website that is being used regularly due to its usefulness towards file format-related things is the converter websites. Converter websites such as PDFBear  offer multiple features that can help with your work or school activities, including converting a PDF file to PPT. Since most of the steps are similar to every website, we will be using PDFBear as a basis. So here are the steps in using a converter website:

Step1: Using an internet browser, access the preferred converter website you will use for the conversion. (In this case, we will be using PDFBear)

Step2: Upload the PDF file by dragging the file into the center of the page or manually locate it by clicking the Select Files button at the center of the page.

Step3: Once uploaded, the website will automatically convert your file to PPT format.

Step4: Download the file by clicking the download button. You can either save it on your device or save it as a ZIP file.

Step5: Check the contents of your PowerPoint file by opening and manually checking it.

Offline Conversion Software

You probably have experienced unstable or no internet connectivity many times before, and you are not alone. Due to this problem, the tasks we can perform on our devices may become limited. Just like in the case of converting a PPT file to PDF, the easiest method I could think of is the online method. But in this conversion, you could use conversion software to aid you.

Conversion Softwares have become widespread with the introduction of the PDF file format by Adobe. And with the need for conversion tools, many companies developed their tool software to perform the conversion from the different file formats to PDF and vice versa. Since many software have different steps when it comes to conversion, we will be focusing on two of the most popular software used, Adobe Acrobat and Nitro. Before proceeding to the steps, be reminded that you need to purchase the full software for you to be able to use it freely.

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Adobe Acrobat

Step1: Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

Step2: Locate the toolbar. It is usually located vertically on the right part of the program.

Step3: Click Export PDF. It will direct you to a page where you can choose what format your PDF file will be exported as.

Step4: Click Microsoft PowerPoint. A window will appear, giving you the choice of where to save your file.

Step5: Click Save. Wait for the program to process your request. Usually, it would take a minute or two.


Step1: Open the PDF file using NitroPro.

Step2: Under Home, locate the convert section. Click To PowerPoint. It has an icon with a blank page with an arrow pointing at a capital p.

Step3: A window will appear, giving you the option to add more files to convert to PPT and where to save it.

Step4: Click Convert. Wait for the program to export the file.

Step5: The file will open automatically in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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We know there are pros and cons to using PDF files, and it is undeniable that PDF is a handy format used by many. Now that we are still in a pandemic, PDF has become more effective to us. Although very useful, we still encounter problems, such as conversion from a file format to another. In converting PDF files to PPT, we have discussed different methods to convert them, and it is up to you to choose the most suitable method based on your situation.

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Remember: PDFBear, not PDFbear. 🙂

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