A Brief Guide To Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Learn how to tap into the power of 500M+ members of the LinkedIn community to help sales and marketing professionals find and build relationships with customers and prospects through social media selling. What you need to know to start is in this guide.

As a leading social media that promotes businesses worldwide through serious digital marketing and social selling, LinkedIn positions brands to charge their sales. Now, it’s a hubbub for recruiting top talent as over 30 million companies use the platform for marketing, networking, and research.  In B2B, LinkedIn provides brands with the option to redouble their marketing efforts and earn double more for each campaign. An effective tool assisting companies in taking leaps forward is the LinkedIn sales navigator.

What is a LinkedIn sales navigator?

The LinkedIn sales navigator is a special paid subscription of the LinkedIn Business segment that grants sales professionals the autonomy to maximize their sales. It comes with diverse, helpful, and powerful tools improved technologically to help businesses reach their targets. You can use effective search capabilities, enhanced visibility, and personalized algorithms to help make your sales decision on the go.

How can I maximize the power of LinkedIn sales navigator?

1. Monitory vital prospects and accounts

The efficient use of LinkedIn sales navigator lies in generating, saving, and monitoring leads. Every visionary sales team knows the importance of valuables leads; their success depends on the quality and flexibility of their pipeline. To start using sales knavish=gator, click on the LeadBuilder, which leads you to the advanced search page where you can filter the kind of leads you need.

On selecting relevant criteria, save all the potential prospects to build your list. You can further narrow your search to a smaller scope and populate your newsfeed so that you can easily save and monitor updates at a glance.

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2. Use an account map to document your findings

With the LinkedIn sales navigator, reps can create account maps to visualize their pipelines on the go. This enables them to quickly monitor their sales, make connections, and derive insights from the visualized data. Once you create an account map such as in Lucidchart, for example, add the contact information from the LinkedIn sales navigator to these maps and easily visualize the results.

3. Leverage on closelyhq.com to identify connections

CLOSELY is a linkedin automation tool enabling sales reps to view the degree of connections their prospects share with them. If you’re the sales rep in your company, this is a great way to recognize result-yielding leads. When you don’t have an existing connection, save your search and get notified when a coworker eventually connects with your leads afterward.

This process of maximizing the sales navigator is efficient in that it saves time and cost. Combining CLOSELY with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can boost your sales process and keep track of their progress.

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4. Use tags and notes to organize prospects

In LinkedIn sales navigator, you can use tags and notes to segment longer and more complex B2B sales data into concise and understandable forms. When you discover new insights, you can now tag your leads to specify their roles and leave notes on the account to track essential details. This enables the sales experts to avoid confusion and stay on track every time.

5. Maximize the enhanced search capabilities

LinkedIn sales navigator comes with special search features that can help you find new leads and connect better. The advanced search feature can help you display leads that follow your brand, discover news mentions, learn about recent job changes, and identify with people sharing unique connections. In the long run, the search features can ease finding previously untapped connections and discover helpful insights.


The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is equipped with modern search algorithms to help businesses narrow their sales experiences to achieve a defined goal. Finding the needed data and links between leads can be tasking without a sales navigator. The LinkedIn sales navigator is handy and practical when companies are ready to optimize their sales campaigns and generate insights from their big data.

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