A beginner’s guide to SARMs


SARMs means Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It has a similar role to anabolic-androgenic drugs, but they cause much less harm. Their benefits are no less than steroids minus the negative impact.

So, if you plan to use SARMs for bodybuilding, follow the proper guidelines before starting your cycle. If important, you should consider your fitness trainer or physician about it. They will suggest the best cycle and dosage as per your body type, health goals, and requirements.


Like any other potential compound, SARM has its list of side effects, which can be noticed if not used as recommended. If you have an issue with heart, diabetes, or prostate, and if you’re on some medication, you should consult your physician before starting the cycle. Though SARMs don’t negatively impact your body when used in the given dosage for a short period, it is advisable to seek suggestions before starting the course.

Also, if you are more than 21, it is the right age to use SARMs. Before this age, it may hinder your growth hormone functionality, and you may end up with damages beyond repair. Pregnant women should stop using SARMs till their delivery. It may intercept the growth of the baby.

SARMs enhance the growth of your body

SARMs are a famous compound among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders. It doesn’t just help with bulking but also helps burn fat effectively. Moreover, it enhances bone density and strength.

However, you shouldn’t take SARMs more than the recommended dose. There are unique doses for different SARM products, recommended for men and women differently. Also, ensure the SARMs cycle doesn’t extend from 8 to 12 weeks maximum. And once the cycle is completed, every user should go for Post Cycle Therapy.

It is suggested to keep a record of everything that happens during the course. You should visit a physician immediately if you witness any side effects or abnormalities. In most cases, people witness testosterone suppression, but it gets okay during the PCT cycle.

Enquire if PCT is needed or not

Post Cycle Therapy helps your body recover to its original state after using hormones. It makes your body secrete hormones naturally, without involving any SARM. Though SARMs are not as harsh as a steroid regarding hormonal changes, they still affect your estrogen level. So, once you stop the cycle and don’t go for PCT, you may experience issues like muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, and mood swings.

Hence, the right way is to seek the help of a doctor. If you have overdosed SARMs, you may need hardcore PCT medications. However, if you have chosen mild SARMs for a short period, a PCT may not be recommended at all. Hence it is advisable to consult a doctor to know your condition and determine if PCT is needed.

SARMs USA is extremely popular and should be used in the right dosage to make the most of it. You can buy them online at Golden SARMs and use them accordingly.

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