9 things to consider before buying custom trophies, awards, and medals


Trophies, prizes, medals, and shields are important incentives to boost the morale and productivity of winners. The trophy has long been known in the sports world. Companies are now buying large numbers of these products for evaluation programs targeting a variety of goals.

These trends have created a huge market for trophies, prizes, medals, shields, and gifts for various purposes. Buyer clubs, businesses, and organizations are looking for the perfect guidance to get the most out of their investments.

So I think this post might help them buy the best product in the best possible way. Here are the top 9 things you need to know about custom trophies, awards and medals before making a buying decision.

1- Customize the types of trophies, awards, medals, and plaques

There are various types of custom trophies, awards, and medals on the market. So, you need to know what’s available and what you need before making a buying decision. For example,

One-time trophies and permanent trophies, one-time trophies are suitable for individual winners, while permanent trophies are suitable for team recognition programs. Trophies may come with uprights, figurines, or V series.

Trophies may have a base made of the same material or a different material. The base of a disposable trophy may be small enough to support the trophy and a small plate for engraving some details. Permanent trophy bases are usually larger than standard offerings to cover more detail each year. Trophies may have room to incorporate shields or logos to provide branding opportunities.

2- Customize the quality of awards, best trophies, and plaques

Many attributes determine the quality of trophies and prizes, and material occupies the highest position among them. Gold, silver, and bronze have been the metals of choice for prizes and trophies for centuries.

Today, the importance of these precious metals has not been compromised, and international sports authorities are free to use them with platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.

Glass, crystal, and acrylic are translucent materials that look dazzling when displaying trophies made from them. Currently, the resin is the cheapest and highest quality material for making standard trophies. 3D printing is a new technology and synthetic materials such as acrylic and resin are the best options for creating artwork on very intricate trophies.

3- Customize trophy, award, medal, plaque size, and weight

The winner also has important events. They want to hold the trophy above their heads and show it to a lot of people, like the sports world and the academy.

In this case, it is better to have a large trophy with a certain weight from medals supplier. Some medals, awards, and trophies are small in size, but they are becoming increasingly important in the community. Precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver can work wonders in this situation. Therefore, small and heavy trophies and medals are the right choices.

Prizes and trophies should be chosen based on the importance and level of the event, or the purpose of the award, taking into account aspects such as size and weight.

Recipient of Level 4 Custom Trophies, Awards, Medals, and Plaques

The grades represent one, two, and three. The size of the trophy or medal must be determined accordingly. It might seem odd if the second prize winner’s trophy is bigger or heavier than the first prize winner.

5- Prerequisites for making custom trophies, prizes, medals and plaques

When creating custom trophies, the design, artwork and requirements are different from standard trophies or prizes on the market. It needs some additional references to clarify your concepts. Client manufacturers are expected to support 2D/3D images or drawings with detailed information.

To create these drawings and images in the desired format, you will need the help of a professional graphic designer or trophy production consultant. So give your trophy maker or supplier the prerequisites to get what you want.

6- Customized trophy, prize, medal, plaque prototype service

For intensive customization, prototyping is essential to get creative and desirable quality output from a trophy or prize maker. Prototypes can be images or physical products, depending on your requirements, and are a fully paid service. So please check before ordering.

Prototypes or prototypes help you gain design options and creativity for your trophy design team to meet your custom needs.

7- Customized trophy, prize, medal, plaque engraving service

In an age of intense competition, trophy and china medal engraving are almost free for bulk and simple orders, but charges are required for complex and recurring requests such as permanent trophies.

Such terms and conditions must be clearly stated prior to ordering. I proofread the sculpted script multiple times and send it to the final piece. Laser engraving is a trend these days and provides excellent results. Additionally, transparent and translucent materials such as glass, acrylic, and crystal can be used to 3D engrave trophies and bonus material blocks. This is a professional service and you will need to pay extra. So make it clear.

8- Customized trophy, prize, medal, plaque delivery service

On-time delivery, safe delivery, and cost-effective product delivery are some of the requirements that most modern customers place on manufacturers or suppliers of trophies, prizes, and medals.

Rugged packaging is essential for trophies and prizes made of delicate and expensive materials. Most bulk orders have free shipping incentives, so please clarify those things. In addition to this, many suppliers are looking for delivery methods and service preferences, especially for customers from overseas regions.

9-Customized trophy, medal, medal, plaque return service

Returning a custom product seems like an exaggerated expectation. However, we recommend returning for some manufacturing defects. You need to check the terms and conditions for this.

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