7 Things to Consider Before Booking a DJ


As it is with any event planning, it’s always advisable to have a strong plan that suits your style and aspirations. And what we’re here to tell you is that having a good understanding of the “what, when, where, how” of DJing can help you achieve all that you’re looking for. It’s good to know what your initial demands are before settling for a DJ.

To help you with this, we have come up with few things you need to consider before booking a DJ. And let us tell you, these things are very crucial to book the perfect Maine Wedding DJ for your event.

1. Look at the types of events you want to host

The types of events you want to host can be very different. For instance, if you want a classy, sophisticated event, you need to consider hiring a DJ who has a professional approach to music. But if you’re planning a night-time rave party, you need to keep in mind that the DJs will be taking the spotlight for a long period. And that’s what we mean.

If you have a large number of people at your event, it would be advisable to hire a DJ who’s well versed in a variety of genres. Let’s say, you’re planning a party for the ladies. It’s important to have a DJ who understands the need for good DJing skills in such events. You also need to hire a DJ who’s technically sound, since that’s one thing the majority of your guests will look out for when looking out for the best DJ for your event.

2. Consider the choice of your DJ’s fee

Your budget also plays a significant role when booking a DJ. It’s better to hire a cheap DJ if you have a low budget, or a middle-range DJ if you have a medium budget. But if you have a big budget, you definitely need a well-qualified and experienced DJ. The standard fee for all the DJ’s will vary.

3. Ask your friends who they’re hiring

Since most of us don’t have the opportunity of speaking to the DJ’s directly, we’ll go ahead and ask our friends who they’re hiring. There are a number of people you could ask. But the majority of them will be the friends of the DJ.

Let’s say your friend Lee is the best DJ for your event. He’ll be able to give you valuable insight into the DJ’s working style. Don’t be surprised if he’s very critical about the choices you’re making regarding the DJ. Now, make sure you’re hiring a well-experienced DJ, not a novice. As an example, don’t hire a newbie DJ for your wedding.

4. Find out if the DJ is fully booked or not

If the DJ’s performing at a particular event today, it doesn’t mean that he’s available for your event next week. You need to be sure about the status of the event. Find out if the DJ is fully booked, or he’s available.

A lot of the times, DJs will be booked for other events, which are on the same day, the next week. That’s a big no-no! You shouldn’t hire a DJ who has been booked for the same event on a different day, the same week, for the next two weeks. This is a basic question you should have asked the DJ before the event.

5. Consider the kind of music the DJ will be playing

Once you’ve found the DJ that you want to hire, it’s time to ask them some more questions. Again, the bulk of these questions will be directed at the DJ’s availability, and their professional background. But there are other aspects of a DJ’s personality that will also come into play.

If you’re looking for an official DJ for your event, it’s a good idea to talk to the DJ, and find out if he has any official background in the industry. These people have the right to work only for the company that they are licensed under. Another important question you should ask is if he’s worked for any celebrities before. Celebrity Ma DJs in Maine (also called “A-list” DJ’s) are usually hired for big-ticket events. These people can be found through events like DJ Promote, when the event is already confirmed and there are no more available slots left.

Asking the right questions can prevent you from being scammed by the DJ!

And, lastly…

6.  Ask about the fees!

Once you’ve found the DJ, it’s time to pay the DJ. As with anything related to any event, you should always be upfront with the fee. Your budget is different from the DJs, so it’s the same with the fee. This means that you should know exactly how much you’re paying for your DJ’s services. In this case, you should be asking the following questions:

  • When will the fees be processed?
  • How long will it take to receive the payment?
  • What if I can’t pay at the time of the event?

You should always be clear on what to expect from the event, and how much you can afford to spend. It’s not unusual for event organizers to require the payment to be made at least a few weeks before the event. If this is not possible for you, it’s best to pay the DJ as soon as possible.

If you pay for a DJ that you have never hired before, you’ll want to know if the DJ has done his job in the past. Find out if he has any reviews on any site.

7. Let the DJ know what you’re expecting from the event

When you find a DJ, it’s always a good idea to let him know what kind of event you’re expecting. Don’t send him a “DJ Schedule”, and expect him to know everything about the event. Let him know about the nature of the event and the attendees. You can also ask him to give you a minute to finish your sentence.

The only way you can get the best DJ is to ask for his opinion. A good DJ will give you his honest opinion about the event, how it’s going, and what he needs to improve.


As a DJ, you’ll be spending many more hours at a shoot than you’ll be at an event. So, take the time to do your homework, and find the right DJ. You’ll be sure to get the best-possible DJ services!

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