5 Yoga Positions to Help Erectile Dysfunction


We all know that when you are beginning your morning activities with different types of yoga postures, you feel much better, and your stress level decreases. Erectile dysfunction is a dangerous disease that we can almost see in men.

The end of sexual life is regularly seen due to this disease. In this article of ours, we will talk about it today. What is erectile dysfunction? Which are the 5 yoga positions that will protect humans from erectile dysfunction disease?

In erectile dysfunction, a man’s penis is not hard during sexual intercourse with his partner. It is not enough for men to get and keep erections. This effect is seen entirely in sexual activities and you cannot satisfy your partner during sex. That man is known for impotence. Some people use Viagra or Cenforce 200mg pills for long lasting erection but it’s may be work or not it’s completely depend past experience.

Are you also one of those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction problems? So, you don’t need to feel any shame from him.  You can do these yoga positions in yoga retreats in Hawaii and take advantage of nature’s fresh air and the quiet and relaxing environment that will also help you with your mental and physical health. Which will eliminate your erectile dysfunction problem to a great extent?

5 Yoga Positions to Help Erectile Dysfunction

1: Paschimottanasan

This yoga asana is very effective for erectile dysfunction as it maintains erections and tightens the peroneal muscles. 

Due to which the endurance of human being becomes even stronger. Everyone knows this yoga by the name of “seated forward bend”.

This yoga is beneficial for depression and reproductive organs. Pregnant women and people with spondylitis should avoid this yoga.

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2: Kumbhakasana

If a man has endurance, strength, and stamina while having sex, then he performs well in sexual intercourse. This is good for easy erectile dysfunction. Kumbhakasana is also known as easy Planck posture.

This yoga is beneficial in regulating blood flow. Avoid high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

3: Uttanapadasana

By doing this, you prove to be the glutes to keep the leg standing for a long time in the missionary position and also stretches your pus. Due to this, it improves the blood flow in men. This is the panacea treatment to eliminate erectile dysfunction, also known as raised leg posture.

4: Naukasana

This yoga position is very useful because this yoga has many benefits. Naukasana strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, hips, and thighs and also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic region. This condition of stimulating sex hormones is best. 

Sexual energy in the body increases for sexual intercourse. Strengthens the muscles of the pelvic region to increase the time you sleep. Boat pose, naukasana is another name.

5: Dhanurasana

If you need something that is one of the best yoga for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and sexual treatment, then you can choose Dhanurasana. Dhanurasana powerful then Cenforce 150mg Viagra.

Dhanurasana is Improve to back muscles, posture, and improve deep hip flexors. Avoid this yoga in conditions of high blood pressure, critical heart, migraine, and pregnancy.


If you feel that erectile dysfunction is preventing you from achieving sexual pleasure, then you can choose options like yoga for ED that will eliminate ED.

But before that, you will have to check with your doctor about your overall health, as you can be satisfied that you are well equipped to practice all the above-mentioned yoga for erectile dysfunction.

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