4 Uncommon Things You Can Get Subscriptions to in 2022


The demand for subscription-based services has skyrocketed recently. The idea of having goods delivered directly to your door is certainly enticing. After all, why drive to the store to pick up your daily needs when you can have them delivered to you?

While you’ve probably heard of many subscription services, there are a few you might not know about. Learn about four uncommon things you can get a subscription for in 2022:

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1. Birth Control

You can subscribe to have birth control delivered to your front door. Yes, you read that right. Nurx, a virtual healthcare company, offers more than 50 birth control formulas. Once signed up, you’re connected with a medical provider who will help determine the best option for you. The best part? It’s 100% online, which means no visit with your OB-GYN or trip to the pharmacy. The company currently offers the birth control pill, patch, ring, shot, and morning-after pill.

Once prescribed, a three-month supply of birth control will be delivered to your doorstep in discreet packaging. And don’t worry about having to set up a refill. Nurx automatically refills your prescription when it’s due.

2. Coffee

Are you a java enthusiast? Then check out coffee subscription services such as Atlas Coffee Club and Bottomless. Each service offers something a little different, and you can choose the frequency of deliveries.

With that said, the process to subscribe is usually the same across the board. First, you choose how often you want the coffee delivered. Sometimes, you can specify your roast preferences and how you want the coffee ground. Then, once everything is done, you sit back and await your caffeine’s arrival.

Atlas Coffee Club

This subscription service isn’t just about coffee — it’s about giving customers a travel experience. Atlas Coffee Club sends coffee blends from all across the world and includes information about the beans’ origins. Each box comes with tasting information that includes the roast level and recommended brewing method. To sign up, just choose the bag size, the frequency of deliveries, and your ideal roast.

Keep in mind, unlike other subscription services, you don’t have much say in the type of coffee sent in each box. The idea behind Atlas Coffee Club is to introduce coffee drinkers to something new every month.


Bottomless labels itself as the first  “smart coffee subscription service.” When you sign up, you’re sent a free Smart Bottomless Scale, where you keep your coffee bag. The scale monitors your usage and automatically reorders your next bag before you run out.

To sign up for a subscription, choose the size of coffee bag you want and the roast/type. Bottomless also offers a sampler option, which includes three different small coffee bags, so you have more options.

3. Healthy Meals

You’ve probably heard of meal subscription services, but what about those specifically for dietary restrictions like veganism? Regardless of how specific your diet is, there’s a subscription service available. Here are a few options:

Sakara Life

Sakara Life delivers organic, plant-based meals. The service has three meal plans: signature plan, detox plan, and the bridal program. The signature plan is one of the most popular options because it’s customizable; you choose how many meals you’re sent per week. The Bridal Program includes 20 days of meals, access to a fitness regimen, and pampering gifts from Sakara’s partners.

While this subscription service might sound ideal, one of the biggest cons is its cost. If you buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the signature plan, you’ll spend at least $70 a day.


Hungryroot is similar to an online grocery store, but they also provide the recipes. You shop for individual items based on recipes provided on the site, and those groceries are delivered to your front door.

Hungryroot will offer suggested meals for the week, or you can fully customize your box. By shopping directly for groceries you need, including fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll save time and rest easy knowing you’re getting prime produce.


Unlike other subscription services that curate meals for one or two individuals, MamaSezz focuses on creating meals for the entire family. This vegan service is ideal for those with families with busy schedules because it takes the pressure off of planning every meal. Plus, you can pick and choose how often you want these ready-to-eat meals sent.

4. Eco-Friendly Paper Goods

Toilet paper and paper towels are a necessity for obvious reasons. You might even have known that you can get them delivered to your home. But did you know that you could obtain environmentally conscious versions on a subscription basis?

Cloud Paper is a sustainable company that makes 100% bamboo toilet paper and paper towels. Their products are tree-free in an effort to end deforestation. Subscribing to Cloud Paper means you don’t have to search grocery stores — or stand in line — to purchase their few eco-friendly offerings. Cloud Paper’s products are delivered in plastic-free packaging, and shipping is free.

Start the new year by making your life easier — and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for something niche or a way to get your everyday essentials delivered, the subscriptions above will help.

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