13 simple steps to make your sectional sofa last longer with covers


Sectionals are the perfect piece of furniture for adding a touch of style and comfort to your home. However, keeping them looking new is a challenge. The fabric can become worn out over time due to wear and tear from everyday use.

Fortunately, there are 13 simple steps you can take to ensure that your sectional sofa lasts longer.

Step 1: Invest in Sectional Sofa Covers

The first step is to invest in sectional sofa covers. These covers are specifically designed to fit your furniture and provide a layer of protection from dirt and spills. They also add an extra layer of comfort, as some covers come with additional padding for added support and comfort.

Step 2: Clean Regularly

The second step is to clean your sectional regularly. Vacuuming it on a regular basis will help keep the fabric looking new and free from dirt and dust. Make sure to use upholstery-safe cleaning products, as harsh chemicals can damage the fabric. Additionally, if you spot any spills or stains, be sure to address them as soon as possible.

Step 3: Use Stain Repellants

The third step is to use a stain repellant on your sectional sofa. This will help protect the fabric from spills and everyday wear and tear. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for which products are safe to use on your furniture.

Step 4: Avoid Direct Sunlight

Fourthly, it is important to avoid exposing your sectional sofa to direct sunlight. The sun can damage the fabric of your sofa over time, leading to discoloration and fading. Instead, position it away from windows and doors where it will not be exposed directly to the sun’s rays.

Step 5: Rotate Cushions

The fifth step is to rotate the cushions on your sectional. This will help ensure that they wear evenly over time and prevent sagging in some areas. Additionally, flipping them regularly will also help keep them looking new for longer.

Step 6: Choose Quality Fabric

It is important to choose quality fabric when purchasing a sectional sofa. High-end fabrics are more durable and less likely to tear or fade over time than lower-quality fabrics. Additionally, synthetic fibers such as olefin and polyester are generally more resistant to staining than natural fabrics like cotton or wool.

Step 7: Use Protective Padding

Seventhly, you can use protective padding to help preserve your sectional. These are usually thin sheets of foam or batting that can be placed between the fabric and cushions to provide extra cushioning and protection.

Step 8: Check for Tears

It is important to regularly check your sectional sofa for tears or holes in the fabric. This will help you identify problem areas before they become an issue, allowing you to make repairs if necessary.

Step 9: Move Carefully

When moving your sectional sofa, it is important to be careful not to snag or tear the fabric. Always use furniture sliders when relocating it, as these will prevent any damage from occurring during transit.

Step 10: Use Throw Blankets

Another great way to protect your sectional sofa is to use throw blankets. These can be placed on top of the furniture when not in use, helping to keep it free from dirt and dust.

Step 11: Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Using vacuum cleaner attachments is a great way to reach hidden areas that may not be visible with the naked eye. This will help you remove any dust or dirt buildup that could cause permanent damage over time.

Step 12: Keep Pets Off

It’s important to remember that pets also have an impact on how long your sectional sofa lasts. Keeping them off of the furniture will reduce the amount of wear and tear it experiences, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Step 13: Reupholstering

If all else fails, reupholstering your sectional can be a great way to give it a new lease on life. This is especially true if the fabric has become damaged or stained beyond repair. Professional upholstery services are available, allowing you to choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to make your furniture look like new again.


Taking good care of your sectional sofa is essential if you want it to last for years to come. To ensure that it remains in good condition, follow the steps outlined above. Regularly clean and vacuum your sectional sofa, avoid direct sunlight, rotate cushions, choose quality fabric, use protective padding, check for tears, move it carefully and use throw blankets. Additionally, make sure to keep pets off of the furniture and consider reupholstering if necessary. With these tips in mind you can be sure that your sectional sofa will look great for years to come!

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