Why Choose WPS Office to Convert PPT to PDF?


Why WPS Office for Converting PPT to PDF

When looking for software, you need one that provides all the tools necessary for productivity. Furthermore, ensure it’s compatible with your devices and operating system. Why Choose WPS Office as Your Go-To Conversion Solution
WPS Office offers all these features at an unbeatable price point!

WPS Office is an all-inclusive office suite that features word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. It makes a great choice for home users as well as small businesses.

1. Easy to use

Why Choose WPS Office?

WPS Office offers an easy solution for converting ppt to pdf without losing their formatting or layout. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of file formats.

WPS Office is available free for Windows, Macs and Android users alike. It’s an impressive office suite that lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease.

It also allows you to password-protect your documents and encrypt them with AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, you can add watermarks to your files and share them freely with anyone for free.

Cross-platform office suite, OpenOffice.org, supports a range of file types with its familiar workspace and interface. Furthermore, it can handle dual-language documents so your formatting and character sets will remain unchanged during conversion.

2. Converts multiple files at once

If you need to convert multiple documents to PDF, WPS Office is an ideal solution. It allows users to merge multiple documents into one document, making editing and organizing them much simpler.

WPS Office’s Word to PDF converter enables you to customize the page size, orientation and margins of your resulting document. Additionally, it includes various options for adding text, images and watermarks to your files.

You can convert multiple pages to a PDF file, which helps save space on your computer. This feature comes in handy when printing or sharing the documents with others.

WPS Office can also combine PDFs with other formats, like Microsoft Word or Excel. This enables you to access your files remotely – as long as you have an internet connection.

3. Converts PDF to PPT

If you need to convert a PDF document into an attractive PowerPoint presentation, WPS Office can be of immense assistance. It converts PDFs quickly and accurately while maintaining all the original formatting of your slides.

It also allows you to add images and text annotations, so your presentation looks exactly how you want it. Furthermore, it supports password protection so you can shield your files from unauthorized access.

WPS Office is an impressive office suite that’s user-friendly and features all you need. Plus, it’s compatible with multiple devices so you can work from anywhere. Plus, take advantage of their free membership to gain access to online collaboration tools.

4. Converts PPT to PDF for free

Converting your PPT file to PDF allows you to share your work with others without compromising its original formatting and layout. Furthermore, this ensures that your content will appear exactly as intended across all viewing devices and online platforms.

However, it’s essential to be aware that converting PPT files to PDF can cause some hyperlinks to be lost. WPS Office makes the conversion of a PowerPoint presentation easy by preserving hyperlinks within the file.

For the easiest conversion of a PowerPoint presentation into PDF, WPS Office’s free converter is the best option. Not only is it user-friendly, but you can also merge multiple PPT files into one PDF with ease.

Another way to convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF is by uploading it to an online conversion service. These services allow users to upload any file and have it converted into PDF format at no charge – though they only support up to 6 MB in size.

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