The Difficult Supply of New Tech Hardware


The semiconductor shortage brought about by the global health crisis had led to something of a rush for the latest tech products with hardware becoming almost inaccessible for some and scalpers taking control of the market to resell at a much higher price – but this was a problem that has existed for quite some time as even before the shortage, some hardware was difficult to access. With a growing market for certain services and changing trends from the growing PC and console market and the hardware required to the growing number of gaming choices for those playing online – but will this tech supply improve, or is it something that will continue for some time yet?

For the issue particularly around consoles, this is one that is hopeful to be resolved sooner rather than later but if the Nintendo Switch is anything to go by, it may never be a perfect transition as being able to deliver on the growing console market will always be difficult – something that may need to be addressed from the manufacturers if at all possible however is the large scale scalping currently occurring with consoles often reselling for a significant factor more than the MSRP – a solution may be difficult to find, but the current problem does cause lots of issues.

For other hardware, particularly for PC users with the likes of graphics cards for example, it’s an issue unlikely to be resolved until there is a more significant change to the cryptocurrency space – since the growth in popularity for the biggest coins of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the GPU market has been in quite a frustrating state and unlikely to get better with the increasing costs of newer GPU’s and older models still retaining a very high price too – whilst there have been hopes to address this with specific chips for mining and gaming to create a difference, but with no ironclad solution in place just yet.

With new big tech releases seemingly coming every year at this point, there’s no signs that this is something that will get better any time soon as the current hardware supply for most new options remains unstable for a number of years, and with manufacturers recording their highest profits too, there’s little to suggest change is on the way as the big names reap the benefits anyway and the end users tend to be those on the receiving end of the bad news, and those who continue to pay a premium to get their hands on a new bit of tech early enough to enjoy. For more information visit this site: isaimini

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