Primary Strategies of Activewear Fondmart


If you’re in the business of selling activewear, you’ve likely noticed that there are a few common strategies that you should know about. These strategies include Purchasing, Dropshipping, and online procurement. But what about Customer service? Then read on to discover the best ways to work with FondMart’s merchandise team. Whether you’re starting a business or you’re looking to expand your current line, there’s no reason to not be able to take advantage of this e-commerce platform.


If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you know how difficult it is to select the best wholesalers to buy your activewear. But fortunately, there are several options available at FondMart. For starters, you can shop for wholesale sportswear without a minimum order quantity. These wholesalers specialize in high-quality activewear. These items come in various sizes, colors, and prints. And best of all, they ship worldwide.

As a buyer, you’ll have access to more than 200,000 items from over 5,000 suppliers, and the platform’s merchandise team will help you find the best options. Its platform is designed to make your shopping experience as simple as possible, thanks to its powerful data analysis team. And while it’s possible to browse the thousands of products offered on the site, you’ll never have to leave your desk. With your purchases in one place, you can focus on getting your business off the ground and running.

Drop shipping

Activewear fondmart employs several strategies to promote its products online. One of them is drop shipping. Dropshippers source items from overseas and resell them to retailers for a profit. They do this because the activewear wholesale cost is lower than the retail price. This way, businesses can focus on design and customer service. Additionally, dropshipping helps retailers cut the costs of manufacturing and shipping by eliminating the need for in-house expertise.

For starters, Activewear fondmart offers free dropshipping. This Chinese marketplace works with more than 5K apparel manufacturers and wholesalers to offer customers over 200K fashion items. Generally, you can expect your orders to arrive within four to 20 working days, depending on the product type. In addition, Fondmart ships through 40 popular carriers. You can even use their daily style updates and receive free shipping when your order is over $40.

Online procurement

The primary objective of the FondMart platform is to provide brand buyers with a richer selection and a strong price advantage. The platform is based on the relationships between the brand and over 5,000 global suppliers and designers. The company’s merchandise team helps buyers find the right suppliers and products by evaluating over 200,000 products and updating its database with 500 new products every half month. Moreover, the platform also supports buyers by making recommendations and recommending 200 products every half month.


Activewear is increasingly popular among women. These women are more concerned with their appearance than men do, and they want to look great while they work out. As such, they are picky about the type of fabric used in activewear. Additionally, they want to have comfort while exercising. Buying clothing with a fabric that breathes well and is durable is essential for satisfying the needs of women. You can create an entire line of activewear for women, including a line of swimsuits.


The company has been providing high-quality printable activewear for more than 30 years. They have 6 distribution centers spread across 3.5 million square feet and deliver goods to 41 states in just one day. They also provide marketing tools and offer free freight shipping for orders over $200. To make the transaction even more attractive, the company accepts credit cards, debit/prepaid cards, and eCheck for payments.

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