How to prepare for the Class 10 Science Exam


Students face Board examinations for the first time in class 10. The exam paper is prepared by CBSE. Class 10 grades help, students to opt for a particular stream that is Science, Commerce, or Arts. To hold a record in the Board examination, students should practice the Science subject thoroughly. This does not mean that all other subjects should be avoided. Every subject is equally important from a BOARD point of view. But here we will only discuss the Tips and Tricks to score well in a science exam.

Exam patterns and marks scheme

CBSE Science exam is of 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks are for the internal assessment. Below is the section-wise marks distribution.

Section  Question  Marks per question Total question Question pattern
A MCQ and very short type questions 1 20 One word or one line type.
B Short type questions 1 2 6 30-50 words
C Short type questions 2 3 7 50-80 words
D Long type questions  5 3 80-120 words

Tips and tricks to prepare for Physics class 10

Physics is a practical-based section. It should be understood by heart. Students cannot cram this section. Following are tips to prepare for this section

  • It is a conceptual and formula-based subject. So students should be very particular regarding the learning of formulas. It should be on their tips.
  • Practising diagrams is also essential. In chapters like the lens, mirror, AC, DC generator, etc. The drawing of the diagram is very important.
  • Practice numerical questions precisely. Solve problems from chapters like lens, mirror, and resistance.
  • Prepare a separate sheet consisting of full course formulas.
  • Try to figure out the questions which appeared every year in the examination. Solve them nicely.
  • If the student wants to master his subject, then they should understand its concepts rather than learn it.
  • Always refer to the NCERT book for clearing the concepts. Students should go for a reference book if their base from the NCERT book is clear.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for Chemistry class 10

Chemistry is one of the easiest subjects among the other two. It takes less time to prepare and most of its questions are direct from the NCERT.

Following are the tips and tricks for preparing Chemistry class 10

  • Chemistry is a scoring section. If students understand its concepts then they can easily deal with its applications too.
  • Make a separate revision copy for balancing the chemical equation. Every year this topic is asked by the board.
  • Keep an eye on carbon and its compound, its functional group, nomenclature, etc. 
  • In chemistry, it is seen that NCERT is enough for the preparation of the board exams. Prepare thoroughly the solved examples and chapter exercises from the NCERT books.
  • It is seen that 70-80% of questions of chemistry are from NCERT, so the student should thoroughly study chemistry. NCERT Books Class 10 are enough from the board’s point of view.

Tips and tricks to prepare for Biology class 10.

Out of all the three sections in the science exam, biology is the theoretical base. It is medium to hard in terms of difficulty level.

Following are the tips and tricks to prepare for the biology exam

  •  It is a diagram-based subject. Practice diagrams like the human brain, male and female reproductive system, parts of flowers, human heart, etc are a must.
  • Another important topic is Mendel’s experiment. Students should properly understand its traits and inheritance concept.
  • Solve previous year’s questions paper to understand the subject pattern.
  • Practice complex terminologies. 
  • Focus mainly on the topics marked by your respective biology teacher.
  • Biology is an application-based subject. If the students understand the theoretical knowledge, then they can easily attempt application questions too.

Points to remember before the examination day- 

Examination day is the final assessment. Here the hard work and dedication of the whole year will show its results.

Following are the points to remember before the examination day

  • Remain calm and composed. 
  • Never start a new topic before the examination.
  • Students should have a sleep of at least 6-7 hours of sleep before attempting the examination.
  • Nourish your body with a balanced diet. Do not skip your meals.
  • Provide the body with proper hydration. If the body is not loaded with adequate water, it may lead to dehydration.
  • Revise the entire course before the final assessment.
  • Don’t study till midnight, it will affect the exam routine  
  • Always check your identity card and geometry box. Keep all the required stationery materials. 

How the student should attempt the science paper 

Before attempting the paper, students should remain calm and relaxed. Never rush during the examination. Students should follow the following points while attempting the paper

  1. Keep all your negative thoughts aside before starting the paper, always keep a positive kind of energy.
  2. Students should fill in the candidate details without any mistake.
  3. Before beginning answering the questions, always read the question paper first.
  4. Always attempt questions section-wise. Mention the question number and section number correctly.
  5. Always start with the easy question first. Don’t waste time on the questions you don’t know or are difficult.
  6. Always use a pencil to draw the diagram. Never use a pen as it might lead to a negative impact.
  7. Always leave 2 -3 lines before answering the next question.
  8. Always draw a well-labelled diagram. Never leave the diagram incomplete. 
  9. Always answer according to the marks limit. Never cross the word limit.
  10. Always re-check your answer sheet before submitting it. Check the candidate’s details once again.


Students should always follow the proper time management skills. Always prepare for the board examination from the very beginning of the year, never begin in the last months before the final examinations. The fact is true that the student cannot score good marks if they do not practice right from the start. Follow instructions properly given by their teachers, attempt test series, make NCERT  as a base material, solve previous year question paper, etc. All these points will help students to achieve success.

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