How Much Melatonin Can You Give Your Dog?


Although Melatonin is very good for dogs in curing the disease, it also comes with some side effects. You should ask your vet first before giving your dog melatonin. They are the experts and know well about the dosage that a dog requires. Giving them the wrong dosage or any excessive melatonin can have a harmful effect on their body.

The dosage of Melatonin also varies according to age as you cannot give the same amount of dosage to a young puppy that you used to give an adult dog. How much melatonin can I give my dog? So answer to this question to be to keep the age of the dog in mind before giving them to boost hormone.

What Is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is released naturally by the pineal gland located in the brain of dogs.  Melatonin can be a useful product if you want to boost the hormonal level in dogs as well as in humans. It both has a physiological and psychological effect on a dog’s body. So why do dogs need extra doses of Melatonin?  There are cases when a dog can suffer from a deficiency of Melatonin. There could be any reason of deficiency from the gland not making enough Melatonin to environmental change.

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Melatonin is considered safe and good for dogs for various reasons. First, they help improve dogs’ sleep cycles, which keeps them energetic and fresh every time they wake up in the morning. It also keeps them away from laziness and lying around all day in the house.

Some Positive Effect Of Melatonin On Dogs

Melatonin is used to cure many diseases in dogs. Some particular health issues can be treated by melatonin dose.

  • Improves Sleep Cycle

The dog requires proper sleep to live a healthy life. Melatonin is such a product that can help your dog to sleep well. It improves the sleep cycle of the dogs. All the trouble your dog is going through while sleeping can disappear with the correct dosage of Melatonin.

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  • Reduces Stress

If you are looking to cure the stress issues of your dog, then you can go for Melatonin as it calms all the thoughts and provides peace to the mind. Melatonin can cure anxiety, stress etc. If you want to keep your dog healthy, you should treat their stress problems immediately.

  • Blood Clotting

The blood can cause easy clots in the dogs at the time of any injury. Melatonin is also helpful to reduce blood accumulation or clotting to keep your dog safe. It also helps in proper blood regulation in their body.

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  • Skin Infection

Several hormonal disorders can quickly happen to any dog. Such a disease is a skin infection, or excessive hair falls. Melatonin is considered to provide relief from the pain of these diseases. In addition, Melatonin is a good option to keep them away from infection and fleas.

How Much Melatonin Can You Give To The Dog?

As you know that the Melatonin has some side effects too. So you should take care of this while giving them the Melatonin. You can take the help of the vet to make sure you have taken all the preventive measures.  Doctors suggest that dogs under 5 kg can have 1mg of Melatonin at most. Dogs of 10 kg to 24 kg can have 1.5mg, and dogs over 45 kg can take 3 to 6 mg.

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