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Types of football talent at the Nhà cái 789BET is quite popular. Each type will have different gameplay and rewards for the winners. Before participating in football betting, you should take the time to learn these types of over and under bets to have the most effective playing strategy. In the article below, let’s 789bet learn how to play the over and over bets.

An overview of over and under bets in football

To be able to play Types of football talents effectively, first, you need to understand what this concept is. In English, it is also known as Over and Under (abbreviated O – U). On the bookie’s betting table, the over and under bets are also denoted by O-U.

Players will predict the total number of goals in the match to be scored. Then bet on the big – bigger than the house offers or the under – less than this number. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a bonus according to the rate set by the house.

Outside Types of football talents The total number of goals, players can also participate in the bets on the corner, the number of penalty cards or the number of throw-ins of the two teams in a match. The way to participate is similarly simple.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when playing football over and under is that the bookie only calculates based on the official game time, that is, 90 minutes of football and injury time.. If the number of goals is equal to the house number. If the bet is given, the player will be refunded 100% of the bet.

Introducing over and under bets – popular types of football over and under

Share how to play the correct types of football betting

Although it is a simple and popular type of bet, not everyone knows it and has a suitable playing strategy. As mentioned, the bookie will make a prediction number before the game starts. Players need to bet on a hand greater or less than the number provided by the dealer.

To give suitable odds, the bookie’s experts will rely on the actual situation of the match, the offensive and defensive capabilities of the two teams and the achievements and modern performance. Here are the instructions on how to play Types of football talents the most popular for your reference.

Odds and faints 1 left

Over and under 1 bets usually appear in 1 half of the match. The reason is because this number is quite small. The result of this bet is only calculated during that 1 half kick. When betting on over and under 1 left, the results can happen in the following cases.

  • If the match has a total of 2 or more goals, the player bets over to win, bet to lose according to the odds provided by the house.
  • If the total of the first match’s goals is 1, the bet is tied and the player is refunded.
  • If the match does not have any goals, the under bet wins, the over bet loses.


Odds and faints 1.25 left

This is also one of Types of football talents Usually appears in the 1st and 2nd half of the match. The bookie gives a prediction of 1.25. You need to bet on the big over or under 1.25 goals. As follows:

  • If the first half has at least 2 or more left, the over bet wins, the under bet loses.
  • If the first half has 1 goal, the over bet loses half and the under bet wins half.
  • If in the first half no goal is scored, the under bet wins, the over bet loses.

How to play standard football snubs

Odds and faints 1.5 left

How to play 1.5 left over bets as follows:

  • If the match has at least 2 goals or more, over bets win and lose.
  • If the match has 1 or 0 goals, the over and under bets will win.

Football betting odds 1.75

Although rare, the win rate of 1.75 over and under is very high. Specifically how to play as follows:

  • If the match has at least 3 goals, the over bets win and lose.
  • If the match has 2 goals, the over bet will win half and the under bet will lose half.
  • If the match has 1 goal, the over bet loses and the under bet wins.

The experience of playing super good bets and faints

In addition to understanding the basic gameplay of Types of football talents, players also need to apply a few more experiences as follows:

Choose the right bet

No matter what type of bet you participate in, you need to choose the one that is right for you. To choose the right bet, players should take the time to analyze, evaluate and judge the actual game. Choosing the right bets will bring a lot of benefits and high win rates to players.

Choose a reputable betting house

Besides, bettors also need to learn and choose a reputable football betting house. Here, players will be protected absolutely safe and maximum benefits. Besides, the process of playing football betting is very transparent, fair and pays very fair.

Experience playing all kinds of football fainting

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to play the type talent faint ball stone spectrum variable most today. Hope these shares of the house 789 but It will help you gain more knowledge useful.

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