Crocs: How To Distinguish The Original From A Fake


Over 19 years of operation, Crocs has sold 500 million pairs of shoes. Of course, such popularity
generates many followers. How to distinguish the original from a fake?

Introduction to Crocs

We fell in love with Crocs shoes for their unconventional design, soft and lightweight Croslite
material and, of course, for a comfortable platform. The brand creates several types of shoes:
sandals (the most popular model), clogs, Chelsea boots, slip-ons and other comfortable models for
every day. Products produce a variety of shades for an adult and younger audience.

Crocs original products have many advantages:

  •  Weightless on the leg.
  • Orthopedic outsole for activity comfort, especially for little croc lovers.
  • Crocs allow you to run for a long time without pain and fatigue in your legs.
  • Safe for children, the material is anti-toxic, does not release toxic fumes when heated.
  • Legs in crocs "breathe" due to natural materials, and do not absorb moisture.
  • The inside of Crocs is protected by an antibacterial coating.
  • Do not slip on any type of surface.
  • Crocs are easy to care for.
  • Interesting design. Children enjoy wearing shoes with their favorite characters.

Online publications are full of articles about comfortable and practical shoes, which are loved for
comfort. Families choose it for trips to nature or the sea, men for fishing, and mothers for their
children. Every day we read: buy for less, why overpay for a brand. But is the fake worth attention,
and how harmful is it to the legs?

Croslite material is unique: lightweight, durable, adaptable, non-toxic. The production of such a
structural component is expensive, so a priori Crocs cannot be cheap.

Let’s talk about the danger that a fake carries, and you may not even know about it.

Hard as stone: The sole in fakes is quite rigid, which contributes to constant fatigue and, as a result,
deformation of the foot. Think about how this will affect the future life of the child.

Antibacterial: The original shoes have a coating that protects against fungus and
other diseases that appear from constant contact with water. Crocs-sabots from the category of
fakes are covered with artificial materials, which means the leg does not breathe, which is a natural
environment for the development of the fungus.

Toxicity: You cannot be sure of the safety of the product. Everything that is written on the package
is not true. Think about what you put on for yourself or your child?

Wear resistance: Original Crocs are durable and do not deform. Copies are different.

Maintaining the comfort and health of the feet: Copies cannot guarantee a healthy future for your

How to distinguish a fake from the original

There are many things to check before buying. The Crocs brand is insanely popular, which means
you must be thoroughly prepared and be aware of every little thing that can refute or confirm the
the authenticity of the product.

Certificate of Authenticity: Each organization that legally imports Crocs products owns a copy of the
document issued by the government agency. If it is not there, it is either a copy of the shoe or illegal
import (which also does not guarantee originality).

Price: It should correspond to reality, not be too low.

Package: Transparent packaging with the Crocs logo and a white paper branded bag. The main thing
is that a branded hanger is included with the shoes.

The country of manufacture of the shoes: Shoes are produced in all corners of the globe: Mexico,
Bosnia, Italy, Brazil and China. The sole is printed with a branded inscription with the company
website size marking. Also, in the box you will find company labels with information about the

Logo: On the surface of the shoes, there is a brand logo in the form of a crocodile. It must be part of
the print.

The smell of shoes: The company produces many products from fur, leather and suede. But in one
thing, all couples are the same: they are characterized by a specific smell of resins from which crocs at low price are made. You can consider shoes with a strange smell to be truly genuine.

Up and down: A fun way to determine the originality of Croc clogs is through tossing. As a rule,
shoes should land on the sole due to the specifics of the filler.

Website check: The easiest and most effective method is to check the shoes through the article on
the official website. If the model is presented on the site, then you have made the right choice.

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