Coal power plant Principles of Coal Power Plants


Coal is a thermal power plant that uses lignite as fuel. By transforming the accumulated energy of lignite into electrical energy using water as a medium The energy conversion process There are steps as follows:

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1) convert the stored energy in lignite into heat energy by burning, also known as burning sword

2) heat energy from combustion is passed on to the water, causing the water to become water high temperature and pressure

3) convert heat energy of steam into mechanical energy using steam to turn a turbine

4) convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by allowing the steam turbine to spin the generator This is the end of the energy conversion process.

Principles of Coal Power Plants

Coal-fired power plants are considered very important power plants for Thailand as they are the lowest cost per unit of production. The largest coal-fired power plant in Thailand is the Mae Moh Power Plant, which uses lignite from the Moh mine to generate electricity. The fact that our country has a Mae Moh power plant makes our electricity prices much cheaper. If our country lacks this power plant, electricity costs will be much more expensive.

Thailand imports coal from foreign countries. Because domestic coal is not enough to meet the demand. Most of them are imported from Australia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, and most are imported bituminous coal.

  clean coal technology

clean coal technology It is the development of technology to eliminate or reduce pollution in order to use coal as fuel for maximum benefit. with the least impact on the environment The pollution problems caused by the combustion of coal are dust, sulfur dioxide. nitrogen oxides And carbon dioxide, etc. Currently, clean coal technology has been developed and can eliminate pollution problems. resulting from the combustion of coal effectively Especially the dust problem sulfur dioxide Nitrogen Oxide Gas But for the carbon dioxide problem, the technology is still being developed to control it to achieve efficiency.

Types of clean coal technology

  1. Clean coal technology before combustion

It removes various impurities from coal such as dust, dirt, stone chips and inorganic compounds. to reduce ash and sulfur content This will increase the calorific value of coal before being burned as fuel. These cleaning methods include:

1.1 Cleaning The physical method is the separation of unwanted substances such as dust, debris.

soil, stone rubble and other impurities from the coal

1.2 Chemical cleaning is the use of chemicals that have the ability to wash away minerals and

organic sulfur which cannot be eliminated by physical cleaning methods

1.3 Biological cleaning is the use of microscopic organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

in the removal of sulfur from coal

  1. Clean coal technology while burning

This is to improve furnaces and boilers to increase the efficiency of coal combustion and reduce pollution generated during combustion. which will control the emission of gas pollution

  1. Clean coal technology after combustion

This eliminates the pollution caused by combustion and prevents the impact on the environment. This is related to the process that takes place after the coal has burned.

  1. Clean coal technology by converting coal

Currently, it has been developed as follows:

4.1 Coal Gasification Technology is the conversion of coal into gas.

4.2 Coal Liquefaction Technology is to convert coal into liquid state.

Advantages of using coal

1) The cost of generating electricity from coal is lower than other fuels such as natural gas, oil. and renewable energy

2) There is a large amount of reserves. can be used for at least 200 years

3) Nowadays, there is clean coal technology. eliminating pollution from the use of coal

limitations of coal use

1) Expensive air pollution control systems are required.

2) Because burning coal is a major cause of acid rain and global warming.

3) Good quality coal must be imported from abroad.

4) There must be a good transportation management system.

5) still has a frightening image in the eyes of the public

6) Information from the website of the Energy Policy and Planning Office ministry of energy

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