Care and Maintenance for Natural Hair Toupee


The toupee can be made from two types of materials: synthetic fiber or natural air implanted. The differential of Bonohair – China hair toupee manufacturer – toupees is that they are made with human hair without any chemical processing. These threads are fixed / implanted in the delicate fabrics that make up a toupee, using very fine needles from 1 to 4 threads, depending on the desired density for the toupee.

This implantation of the natural human hairs on the Toupee fabric is executed with great care not to invert the hairs, keeping root to root – tip to tip. This care prevents the toupee hair from tangling with use, as the scales or cuticles of the strands must be in the same direction.

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Performing human hair toupee maintenance

For human hair toupees implanted, it is recommended that maintenance be carried out in our Studio, as we have a suitable and necessary structure to provide durability and maintenance of compliance of your human hair toupee.

If it is not possible to use our services, it is recommended to use a rubber head so that the wires do not enter the screen. Under no circumstances should the toupee be washed randomly as if it were a simple garment.

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Follow the procedures below for proper maintenance, sanitization and styling of your human hair toupee.

What you need to wash your natural hair toupee:

In order to completely clean your natural hair toupee, it is important to have some basic items on hand so that the washing is done correctly, without damaging the strands. Are they:

1 – Bench Holder

2 – Rubber Head

3 – Map Pins

4 – Wide Comb

5 – Round Tip Brush

6 – Water Spray

Natural hair toupee wash

In order to wash your men’s toupee wholesale, you need to follow some important steps so that the process does not cause any damage to the strands and your toupee remains perfect for everyday use. Check out the tips:

1 – Attach your toupee to the well-stretched rubber head with the pins in strategic places (front, sideburns, nape).

2 – With the piece still dry, untangle the hair with the brush only at the ends, so as not to pull the strands too much.

3 – Untangle the strands at the root with the wide rigid comb, being careful not to reach the trestles.

4 – Wet the hair and apply the shampoo diluted in water, lightly, spreading with your hands all over the piece. Do not use your fingers, only your palms, as if you are stroking. Avoid circular motions.

5 – Place the head support with the toupee already fixed, under the faucet and remove the shampoo, starting from the back of the piece and ending at the top.

6 – If you wish, apply a little conditioner diluted in water, following the same steps as the previous item.

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7 – Lightly untangle the roots with a wide comb and then the ends or vice versa. Style as you like. You can even use a blow dryer to make a brush, if you prefer.

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