Beyond Fashion: The Cartier Tank Timeless Appeal


Everyone might think that watches and fashion are two related things. Sure it is true that these two have maintained a symbiotic relationship since the early 20th century. But Cartier Tank has taught us that a unique watch can be independent of fashion. It can have a rule and a world in itself. How can that be? Well, if you study Cartier Tank’s history, you will know the struggles and successes it has experienced. You will also realize that famous names like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Rex Harrison, Warren Beatty, Alain Delon, Marcello Mastroianni, Princess Diana, and Jacqueline Kennedy wore Cartier Tank.

What Makes Cartier Tank So Enduring as a Luxury Watch?

The initial thing you will notice about the Cartier Tank is the simplicity to design. It’s a no-frills type of watch. In an era where florid design was the predominant image, the brand took a different approach. The watch brand was born at the same time when the Jazz age came into fruition. You can say that it is as beautiful as Jazz music itself because styles have endured the test of time. The two continue to be at the top of the artistic realm. The Cartier Tank can retain its value. That is why pre-owned Cartier Tank can sell with astronomical value.

The Many Lines of Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank is not a singular line. It has different versions under the umbrella. There’s the Rose Gold with its warm color. The other is the Americaine. You can also find one called MC High Jewelry, and as the name suggests, it is shiny. There’s MC Automatic for lovers of minimalism. There are many more under the umbrella if you take your time to learn more about Cartier Tank. Louis-François Cartier founded the brand in Paris in 1917. The history of this watch is steeped in World War 1, hence the name itself. If you look closely, you can see this essence in the design.

A French Watch That Combines The Past and The Present

As a French watch, the design has all the romanticism of French music and fashion. However, Cartier, in general, steers away from world fashion. That term is elusive. One moment it is the “in” thing. The next, it looks dated.  That’s what fashion is all about. Cartier isn’t like that. The brand has always maintained its integrity and style apart from the trends of the decades. That is why even designers like Givenchy and Ives Saint Laurent wear Cartier Tank. Timelessness is what it’s all about. The great thing about this watch is that you can wear it with anything. Its minimalist design goes with anything. It doesn’t draw much attention to itself. However, those who are keen on watches will know it right away. There is something regal about owning a Cartier Tank. That is why people who are part of the Royalty love Cartier Tank.

The Many Facets of Cartier Tank

Each Cartier Tank is distinctive. You can choose a Cartier Tank with a leather strap or one with metal. You can also go for gold or just settle for silver. You can wear a darker-looking watch face to accentuate your personality and sense of style. The design of the Cartier Tank has never changed. That is why it has retained its iconic look that is very familiar. The brand is also modest in its marketing approach. It doesn’t flaunt its value, unlike other luxury watches in the market. Perhaps it doesn’t need to. When you have a timeless and iconic brand, then there is no need to push the sales. People with sophisticated tastes will always look for it.

Cartier Tank is also notable when it comes to its accuracy and durability. You can wear a watch that’s 70 years old, and it will still run like it’s brand new. Even a little polishing can mistake it for brand new. Many hours and energy are spent in perfecting a Cartier Tank line. And it is this dedication to craftsmanship and design that makes it one of the most valuable watches in the market.

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Cartier Tank is on the dressy side. This watch looks better in elegant events like art exhibits, opera, and even auctions. People who wear this watch are those belonging to the creme de la creme of society. That is also one reason to buy a Cartier Tank. If you want the world to take you seriously for your tastes, then this is the watch for you. You can even look at Cartier Tank as a family heirloom because of its durability and timelessness. This is a kind of watch that’s meant to be inherited out of love and devotion. If you are in the market looking for a luxury watch that can endure the many seasons and decades, then this is for you.

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