5 Strategies for betting on sports with minimum risk


Betting on sports is an activity that is invariably associated with risk and excitement. Millions of people around the world bet money on sporting events, but not everyone ends well. To stay in the black you need to find a strategy and stick to it strictly. In this article, we will analyze 5 strategies for betting on sports with minimum risk. And you can find even more information on our website.

The next hockey goal

On the one hand, this strategy may seem quite risky, because you will have to play the Martingale system, popularly known as the overtake. The essence of the system – you divide the bank into 5-6 bets and increase the bet by 2 times after each loss. Sounds risky. Who hasn’t had five or six losing bets in a row? If you start with 500 Indian rupees, the final amount of the minus can be 8000. But this system, with proper analysis, allows you to reduce the risks to a minimum. 

The bottom line. We find matches of equal strength teams in the line or look for a scoring underdog. We wait for the start of the match, and when the selected team starts losing 0:1 or 0:2, we bet on the next goal of the losing team. As soon as the desired team scores a goal, we leave that match and don’t bet on it again. All we need to do is not get into a match where the team loses 0:6 and 0:7 or misses 5-6 goals in a row. 

With proper match analysis, avoiding such matches is quite easy. It is only necessary to read the line and choose matches where there are teams that score 3-4 goals during 2-3 games. For betting, we use KHL leagues and European championships. Never take youth leagues (especially North American) and NHL and AHL. NHL should be avoided because North American and youth hockey leagues are more unpredictable.

A few statistics confirm the minimal risks of this system. Let’s take the Swedish championship team “Frelund” as an example. The period from January 15 to February 16. It is the middle of the championship and you can already estimate the form, level of teams, and their performance. What happens if you bet on the next Frelunda goal in matches this month, where the odds for “Frelunda” in regular time from 2 and the team conceded first? In a month our bet will play 3 times and not once will not reach the third step. 3 wins in a month aren’t much, but how many of those “Frelunda” in 4 championships.

If you want to reduce the risks, even more, you will have to increase the multiplication amount of the next bet and reduce the odds. Choose a match where there is a clear favorite and an underdog and bet on the next goal of the favorite from the start of the match.

The odds will be about 1.4, but if there are matches where the risks are not absent, then they are ridiculous. For example, Amur hockey players have never scored more than 2 goals in a row against SKA since 2010. Exactly in games of these teams strategy has worked for 12 years!

NHL accumulator bets

NHL is one of the most successful leagues in the world. Bookmakers’ offices give an average total of 5.5 for almost every match, while in the CHL and Europe it is 4.5 on average. This happens because the National Hockey League has the best players in the world and the court is slightly smaller, which creates more scoring chances and increases the dynamics of the game.

The essence of the system: we take a maximum of two games of the game day in the NHL and bet on a total of more than 4.5 or an individual total of 1.5 more. The odds of such outcomes are not very big, but the odds in the expression may be about two. Now let’s look at a few examples to see if this strategy is a low-risk one.

Game day of April 13. There were 14 matches, 12 of which ended with a total of more than 4.5. Even without analysis, the chances of winning with this system were 85%. But luck tends to run out, so let’s look at the most obvious betting options for this day. Washington vs Philadelphia. “Capitals” approached this matchup on a series of 3 wins in a row, in which they were able to score 14 pucks. Exceptional performance. 

Philadelphia has lost their last three games 1-3, 0-4, and 2-4. Here we see that one team is on fire, scoring 4-5 pucks per game, while the other is on a losing streak and conceding almost as many. A great match for betting on Washington’s total (1.5 – 2) more. The bet went in in the 14th minute of the match. 

You can find a lot of games like this during the regular season. Especially in the middle and end of the regular season, where you can already see the style of play, performance, and current form. Let me remind you that the NHL is the best league in the world, and when 3-4 team leaders have a game going, only they can come up with a few goals for their team. If the whole team is on fire, we see “humiliation” as in the case of Washington vs. Philadelphia 9-2.

What’s good about the flat strategy

Flat is the safest strategy on our list, which implies a fixed betting size (about 2-5%), regardless of the odds. You should bet on sports and leagues that you know about. If you’ve been watching the KHL for a long time, you don’t need to drain the bank on the South Korean basketball championship. The flat system is best played on the line. Analyze the match, bet 2-5% of the bank, and wait for the results. 

The advantage of this strategy is that the result depends directly on your match analysis and experience. A small, relative to the bank amount of bets will allow you to take the underdogs (if you are confident in them) and higher odds. It is very difficult to choose an underdog when you have to bet 500 Indian rupees from a 1000 INR pot, but you can safely bet 100 rupees on an underdog. Using the NHL as an example, let’s take a look at how often the underdogs win.

On April 30, 15 games were played in the National Hockey League, in 6 of which the underdogs won. The odds on their wins were 3 or better. If you just bet 2-5% against the favorites, you could be in the black. Why did we use the NHL as an example? Because there is no league in hockey that can compete with the NHL in terms of frequency of play and level of play. Finding information about this league is not difficult. If you dive into it, you can find clear patterns.

The losing favorite strategy

Surely experienced bettors will be skeptical of what is written in this strategy, but don’t be too quick to judge. The essence of the strategy is to find a losing favorite in play. Not all leagues are suitable for this strategy, however. 

Top soccer, basketball, and hockey leagues are best left out. A favorite may simply be uncomfortable with an underdog opponent and there’s nothing you can do about it. Case in point, the 2019-20 season saw the Vegas Golden Knights reach the conference finals and Los Angeles lose any chance at the playoffs midway through the season. The teams played six times in the regular season. The score in the individual confrontation is 4-2 in favor of Los Angeles. 

That’s why betting on a losing favorite, you have to choose leagues where the difference in team levels is higher. We gave the example of SKA vs Amur above, where Khabarovsk hasn’t scored more than 2 pucks in a row for 12 years. The same goes for the outcome. In 12 years, Amur won only a few times and led the game much more.

And here’s an example from the Kazakhstan Hockey Championship. Hockey in general is pretty predictable there. The playoffs show that. Almost every year the same teams fight for the championship. Let’s look at the confrontation between Arlan and Kulager. The teams have played 10 faceoffs, including friendlies and a playoff series. The score in the face-to-face confrontation, pay attention, is 10-0. If one is familiar with the Kazakhstan Championship, one can find other similar matches. You just have to wait for the favorite to lose.

Accumulator betting on UFC

The strategy is similar to the strategy of express bets on the NHL. There are UFC tournaments almost every weekend. They have about 10 fights where there are some very tough guys. You just need to find 2-3 fighters who will run over their opponents. 

The first thing to look for is the skills of the fighters. Preference should be given to wrestlers or versatile fighters. In a confrontation between a wrestler and a puncher, the wrestlers often win. Let’s take the Khabib – Conor fight as an example. The bookmakers were giving odds of 1.6 on Khabib. That was the easiest money ever for people who know anything about MMA. How could you give 1.6 when an opponent is a man who hasn’t fought in 2 years and is a puncher with a pretty mediocre fight? This is just the biggest fight everyone’s been talking about. It’s not hard to find such confrontations in every tournament if you familiarize yourself with the fighters.

The field of MMA is growing rapidly in India. There are many experts on the expanse of YouTube who understand the industry. Just watch some predictions from real professionals and choose 2-3 fights with favorites out of 10. And you don’t have to take famous fighters. Lesser media fighters are not weaker, they just get less attention, but their skills are just as good as those of the stars.

We told you about 5 sports betting strategies with minimal risk. Choose something for yourself. Listening to the tips above, you will be able to be in the plus while risking as little as possible. We wish you successful bets and victories over the bookies.

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