5 Major Types of Roofing Tiles Popular in Kenya


Roofing systems have not been left behind as far as construction aesthetics go. With the emergence and improvement of roof coverings, it’s only getting better. In this article, we will be going through the diversity and variety of roofing tiles in detail.

One of the most convenient and time-saving benefits of making a purchase today is the presence of business websites. In them, you can find an array of different styles and types of a single product that gives you a choice according to your taste and budget, that way, you already know what you are looking for even before visiting the store.

The same applies to business in the roofing sector; if you are wondering about roofing tiles and which would best work for you, stay with me as I discuss them below.

Clay Roof Tiles

Most of the old buildings you may come across have clay roofing tiles. Their installation requires someone with adequate experience because they tend to be heavy and prone to breakage if mishandled. Nowadays, clay roof tiles are machine-made and available in different colors to give that beautiful conservative look.

Stone Coated Roof Tiles

Today, the market emphasizes and focuses primarily on customer preference trends to ensure satisfaction. Most homeowners want a roof covering that compliments and even enhances the beauty of the construction materials used in the body of the building. Stone coated roofing tiles are durable, leak-proof, and also easy to install. They are available in three main profiles, including classic tiles, shingle tiles, and Milano tiles, all in various colors for your convenience.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete is very versatile in its uses, including in the making of roofing tiles. In Kenya, the fundamental components of concrete are readily available, resulting in concrete roof tiles being relatively affordable. However, concrete roof tiles require mastery in installation and a reinforced roof structure to tolerate their bulky weight. Like clay, they were made by hand initially, but now they are made with enhanced production methods.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roofing tiles are trendy in Kenya and are made mainly from aluminum and steel. Suppliers are very confident in the durability of metal tiles and offer guarantees for as long as 50 years. Metal tiles are lightweight and allow the addition of a new roof for enhanced structural support. They are also fire-resistant and reflect solar heat away. However, metal tiles are expensive, noisy, dent quickly, thus frequent repairs, and dangerous to walk on when wet.

Solar Roof Tiles

Going green is the way to go, and most people respond positively to that initiative. Solar roof tiles draw power from the sun and convert it to electricity used in the home. They are available in various styles that one can choose from; if enough tiles are installed on your roof, they will significantly cut your electricity bills.


It is most important to consult and learn more about roofing tiles from experts before settling on one for your home. Especially on advanced technology tiles like the solar-type, expert know-how is required in installation.

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