4 Reasons it is Advisable to Buy an Inverter With Battery of the Same Brand

Whether you are planning to purchase a new inverter battery combo or want to replace your old battery with a new one, it is recommended that you should buy a battery of the same brand as your inverter. If you want to know why, then read this blog post to find out 4 strong reasons why one should buy an inverter with battery of the same brand. Let’s take a look.

1. They are more compatible.

Whenever you purchase an inverter battery combo, it is always advisable to buy them from the same brand. This will help ensure they are more compatible with each other, i.e., together they make an efficient working unit. No wonder why brands put in all that effort to design a battery inverter combo that delivers the best performance when run together.

2. You get the best deal.

Purchasing an inverter battery combo from the same brand would get you the best deal. In fact, if you buy the devices independently, chances are that you might end up spending more money. Therefore, consider buying both the devices from the same manufacturer and get a bang for your bucks! Many reliable and reputable brands such as Luminous provide a wide range of inverters and inverter batteries that you can opt for.

3. It will help you save time and effort

Purchasing an inverter and battery of the same brand not only helps you save money but you save on your precious time, too. Firstly, while making your purchase, you don’t have to visit different stores or websites to separately purchase an inverter and a battery. Secondly, what if there’s a sudden breakdown; how would you determine if it’s the inverter or the battery that’s at fault? And how would you schedule two separate technician visits from two different brands. Don’t you think it would be less hectic for you if both the devices were from the same brand?

4. You get better service

Inverters and batteries are codependent on each other for providing power backup. However, they tend to lose their effectiveness due to extended use over the years. And thus, it is extremely necessary to consider certain factors, such as durability, after-sales service, warranty period, etc before purchasing any device. An inverter battery combo of the same brand is useful as manufacturers could then provide better service options to their customers. You won’t need to run to different stores if one or the other fails. Buy them from the same brand and avoid service hassles later.

Key factors you should keep in mind when buying an inverter battery combo

1. Power Requirement

Before purchasing an inverter battery combo, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the power requirement during a power cut. To find out your exact power consumption, add up the power consumed by each item that you would be running at the time of power cut. So let’s say you would need 3 LED lights of 8 Watts each, 2 Tube Lights of 40 Watts each, 2 Fans of 50 Watts each and an LED TV of 50 Watts.

The required power consumption in this scenario would be

(3*8)+(2*40)+(2*50)+(1*50)=254 Watts

2. Inverter Capacity

Once you have calculated the daily power consumption (in Watts), convert it into VA. VA outputs can be calculated by dividing the running load by the power factor of your inverter (operating at 0.8 pf). It is always recommended to purchase inverters with more inverter capacity and higher VA rating to keep some room for expansion in case your load requirement increases in the future.

3. Battery Type and Capacity

A battery is the heart of your inverter. Good quality batteries can help increase the life of your inverter and enhance its performance. Whenever your inverter needs power, it is the battery that provides it. The battery capacity of a battery is expressed in Ah (Ampere hours). Many types of batteries are available in the market. For example – flat plate batteries and tubular batteries. You can choose a type based on your usage. Note – Batteries with a 80-220 Ah range are generally preferred.

Not sure about what brand to buy from?

If you are looking for an inverter with battery, it is recommended that you buy from a reputable brand like Luminous that has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing technologically superior and durable inverter battery combos for the last so many years. Luminous is one of the most trusted brands in this industry and you must check out the wide range of inverter battery combos they have to offer.

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