10 Stats That Prove Home Professionals Should Use Video Marketing

There is absolutely no doubt that the twenty-first-century population is thriving on video entertainment. People are more interested in watching advertisements, stories or understanding concepts through videos. Video is dramatically booming audience engagement in many business sectors, and one of them is the real estate industry. The areas that video marketing is significantly influencing include:

  • The social sharing percentage.
  • The overall effect of email marketing.
  • Brand reputation.
  • Search engine visibility.

Video marketing has become an inevitable facet of every aspect today. From out-of-home advertising, social networking to digital signs, everything considers video marketing a highly influential source. 

Hence, many budding and experienced realtors are using visuals as a significant part of their marketing tactics. If you still doubt its capacity, you need to know that video marketing generates almost 1,200 percent more shares than image or text-based advertising. If you are about to create videos for your real estate marketing, further statistics will back your wise decision even more.

1. About 51% Of Marketing Experts Around The Globe Consider Video Content With The Ideal ROI And Brand Reputation. 

Marketers use audiovisuals for almost every brand to enhance brand awareness, boost sales, and attract more audiences. For agents who want to reach both revenue and reputation as a robust combination, video marketing is the way.

2. Marketers Using Audiovisuals Can Boost Earnings By 49% More Rapidly Than That Of The Non-Video User Population In Real Estate. 

Relying on professional video marketing strategies ensures a more profound and faster revenue increase. Agents looking out for revenue-boosting tactics must consider video marketing in their business. 

3. Real Estate Videos Are Driving an Approximately 157% Surge In The Case Of Organic Traffic from SERPs.

Home professionals are using videos to double their rankings on the search results page. For realtors that aim to master the art of marketing, creating advertising videos is the key to ranking high when potential consumers search for real estate data online. Not many visitors click on the Google’ page 2′ result of a search engine. Hence ranking high for specified keywords is a must. Videos can do the same on several channels at once for potential investors to view your advertisement. 

4. Real Estate Information Research or Any Other Research on YouTube Is Booming By About 60% Every Year.

If you assume that an enormous amount of the population is spending a large amount of time on video-based research on anything they need, the future can be surprising. Surveys say that the number of people preferring videos and the time spent on videos for purchases, shopping, or entertainment will only keep increasing each year.

5. By the End of 2018, Real Estate Surveys State That Video Contents Shall Cover 79% Of The Audience Web Traffic.

Surveys are predicting that the traffics from video contents shall begin to surge considerably. The statistics state that audiovisuals shall be no longer a substance of bonus content. It will become a mandatory area in real estate marketing or any other industry. 

6. 85% Of Sellers Or Buyers Prefer Real Estate Agents Who Use Video Marketing Content To Communicate. Out of These, About 70% of the Home Shoppers Need to Tour Virtually a Property.

The modern real-estate business world demands professional reputations and approaches from companies. Investors often analyze a company’s potential by their online presence, professional level of the website. A large percentage of home buyers also prefer virtual home tours before they have to drive all the way physically to the place. 

7. Putting A Video On Your Real Estate Home Page Site Makes It About 53% More Probable To Appear Directly On Page One Of The Search Engines. 

Generally, marketers use videos to boost their brand traffic. However, they also use the same for gaining attention on the very first page of the Google search results. Thus, agents must make SEO-centric audiovisuals launch themselves on top of search engine page results. 

8. Viewers Are Likely To Retain About 95% Of Messages From Video Marketing And 10% When Reading Text-Based Marketing.

While realtors and marketers use print media for advertisement, surveys say the concept or message does not register well in the viewer’s mind. Video marketing can profoundly influence your investors and make you stand out from the fierce competitive era of 2020 out there. They can retain information and initiate a call to action when they watch a good quality visual advertisement. Many home professionals are thus blending video marketing and traditional mediums to attain standard results. 

9. 62% Of Real Estate Investors Tend To Gain A Low Opinion Of A Company When They Release Poor Quality Content. Agencies Investing In Videos Of The Right Quality Gain More Appreciation And Attention From Potential Investors. 

The content quality has a major impact on the investor or consumer psyche. They can only give you the deserving returns if the content is of the right quality. In that case, videos can create more extensive impacts on audiences. But it would be best if you also made sure that the videos are of an acceptable or at least moderate quality delivering the right message. 

10. Realtors Have Mutually Noticed Over A 40% Surge In Revenue From Just Video Marketing As A Single Advertising Medium.

Video marketing enhances all aspects of a real estate business. From its brand visibility, online presence, level of brand-customer communication to its reputational existence, every aspect enters a brighter tunnel. This automatically boosts the productivity and revenue, and productivity is directly proportional to each other. Hence, realtors who used video marketing in the right way saw a generous leap in their yearly revenue income. 


We are all aware that social media is one of the finest ways for realtors to share about their properties as well as the messages they want to deliver. Posting videos on social channels can bring more traffic and potential prospects to budding agents in the industry.

Video marketing can act as an excellent combination with social referrals as well as word of mouth. Videos on social media can actually spread the word faster than any other medium among today’s hefty audience population. More importantly, this type of marketing has the power to turn your brand new audiences into potential and loyal investors in the long run!

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